Gypsy Baron by Mary Daheim

Title: Gypsy Baron by Mary Daheim

Tags: England-Stuarts Era,

Published by: Harlequin
Release Date: 1992
Pages: 288

Katherine de Vere would have given her life for king and country, but marrying a foolish fop to suit a whim of King James was another matter altogether. Especially after Kat had a taste of true passion courtesy of Stefan Dvorak, the bold, dark vagabond who stole her heart.

The English lass stirred Stefan's Gypsy blood more than he cared to acknowledge. Though he knew she was in a fix, he had more important causes on his mind: trouble was brewing in his homeland, and he answered the call to arms. But when the road he followed kept leading back to Kat, he had to wonder why he'd wasted so much time with politics..

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