Golden Torment by Janelle Taylor

Title: Golden Torment by Janelle Taylor

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: March 12 1996
Pages: 606

Searching the Alaskan wilderness for signs of her missing father, Kathryn Hammond falls in love with Landis Jurrell, a Yukon lumberjack.

The instant Kathryn saw Landis Jurrell, she didn't know what to fear more: the fierce lumberjack or the torrid emotions he ignited in her. The independent beauty had traveled to the Alaskan wilderness to search for her father. Instead she was consumed by an inferno of rapture that she savored until the first lights of dawn streaked across the open sky. This arrogant man could heat her body with flames of passion, and she knew that never again could she resist his fevered touch and sensual kiss of desire!

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