Geraint by Gwen Rowley

Title: Knights of the Round Table:Geraint by Gwen Rowley
Series: Knights of the Round Table #2

Tags: England-Camelot and Arthurian Era,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: February 27 2007
Pages: 352

Powerful warriors of nobility and honor, the Knights of the Round Table fought for king and country, rescued damsels, and went on dangerous quests. But true love may be the most perilous quest of all...

Sir Geraint is one of King Arthur's ablest knights but is considered impulsive by his father, the king of Cornwall. When he rashly marries Enid, a beautiful and mysterious swordswoman, Geraint's decision sparks questions about whether the love that's captured his heart so suddenly is a blessing-or a curse...

Used to the gentle ladies of Camelot, Geraint is at once infatuated with and suspicious of his bride, a strong and independent warrior woman, gifted with magic powers by the Lady of the Lake. Enid has come to Camelot to secretly learn the fighting techniques that may help her small, peaceful tribe resist a rumored invasion. When she realizes that Geraint may not trust her, Enid is torn between fierce loyalty to her people and a powerful love for her husband that no magic can cure.

Fearing that Enid has been deceiving him, Geraint takes her on a dangerous journey that will not only test her true feelings but determine whether the differences that attracted them will fuse into a real, long-lasting love-or tear them apart and ignite a senseless war between their two kingdoms..

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