Cajun Caress by Ashland Price

Shipping heiress Caroline Brenton was raised in Louisiana bayou country, far from the chaos of the rebellious colonies and close to her beloved Cajun traditions. But when she used the family business to smuggle weapons to the revolutionaries, she put herself in the line of fire. Her plan went smoothly - until Nathaniel Hamlin a devilishly handsome rogue with the looks of a pirate, made her forget her secret mission.

Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey

Kristen Haardrad met the icy fury in her captor's crystal-green gaze with defiance. She was the prisoner of Royce of Wyndhurst, but his slave she'd never be. This powerful Saxon lord had at last met his match in the Viking beauty - his equal in pride, in strength...and in the fierce, hot hunger of insatiable desire. But Kristen could not know the torment that divided his soul; how he ached to hold her soft, supple body, thirsted for the ringing joy of her laughter - yet hated her for an ancient crime that was not her own.

But her golden loveliness drives him mad with desire, her fiery eyes taunting him, compelling him to claim her. Until, in wordless surrender, they cast aside the shackles of doubt and distrust to unite forever in the searing promise of all-consuming love.

Apache Caress by Georgina Gentry

She was his captive...
Cholla seethed with fury. The Apache scout had risked his life tracking down renegades for the white man only to find himself chained like an animal on the army prison train. Well, if they wanted a vicious savage, he'd give them one--he'd even force a white woman to help him escape. Sierra Forester had gotten in his way, and he was in no mood to let the beautiful widow go. He didn't intend to harm her, but it was a long way from St. Louis to Arizona, and along the trail he vowed to discover exactly what his lovely captive knew about satisfying a man's desires . . . and unleashing her own!

He was her passion...
Every day Sierra grew less afraid of her savage captor. At first she thought he would kill her...or worse. After all, her husband had died at the hands of the Apache. But this Indian seemed to have more honor and courage than anyone she'd ever known. As they moved west, the handsome warrior protected her bravely from wild animals and wilder men--and tempted her with delights she'd never imagined. Now her traitorous soul hoped she'd never be free from his muscular embrace and searing touch. Her urges were scandalous, but Sierra could resist no longer. She would give anything to savor the wild ecstasy of his...Apache Caress.

Heartstrings by Rebecca Paisley

A feisty Boston beauty journeys to untamed Texas on an unusual mission. Determined to bear a baby for her childless sister, Theodosia hires a bodyguard and prepares to sort through the many "applicants" responding to her ad for a blue-eyed sire. But she need look no further than her protector for the thoroughbred love of a lifetime.

Bayou Passion by Jane Archer


When an angry Drake Dalton burst into Selene Morgan's love Potions apothecary shop, Selene stood ready for battle. Her New Orleans healing and midwifery trade was the only thing left of her family after the Civil War, and she was prepared to use every trick in her books to keep Drake from running her out of business for fraud...starting with her love potion! Once the virile rancher fell in love with her, he'd see her elixirs worked! But when the tall, Texas troublemaker swept Selene into his muscular arms, she felt his masterful touches cast a spell of their own.


Infuriated by all charlatans, Drake went to Selene Morgan's "Love Potions" shop to raise some hell, vowing to get to the bottom of the owner's little charade! But after meeting Selene, Drake's blood was no longer fired by anger...but an unexplainable longing to possess the green-eyed vixen. His hands burned to roam her luscious curves, his lips craved a taste of her sweet kiss, and he knew he could never rest until he'd sated his raging need for the beauty who enchanted him with desire's spell..

Lavender Lies by Constance O Banyon


When aristocratic Julian Westfield learned that the "Swallow" had caused his brother's disgrace and death, the vengeful young lord swore the conniving colonial wench would pay for her tricks. Determined to snare her in her own trap, Julian let it be known he had valuable information for the elusive female spy, the bloodthirsty Briton fully intended to hear the "Swallow's" last song -- and see her dance at the end of a rope. But when the golden-haired beauty with lavender eyes appeared for their rendezvous, Julian was enchanted ... and could think only of locking her in the cage of his embrace!


Patriotic Lavender Daymond knew the raven-haired Englishman would endanger her mission from the moment she saw him. His intense brown gaze followed her swaying hips with too much hunger. His finely chiselled lips smiled too familiarly as she glanced his way. And his powerful muscled body was too much a temptation to resist! Still the spirited American agent felt she had to conquer him to prove her commitment to the Colonies. But when Julian tasted her trembling lips and traced her slender form, the "Swallow" took flight leaving only a woman who craved the sweet fulfillment of her lavender lies.

Bedazzled by Bertrice Small

Bound for Italy, the ship upon which the lovely and headstrong Lady India Lindley is traveling is taken captive by Ottoman pirates, and she finds herself a slave to Canyan Reis, ruler of the Barbary state of El Sinut.

Love’s Magic Spell by Wendy Garrett

Forced by poverty and scandal to flee her native London, auburn-haired Lauren Stanton was pleased with her job as companion to a wealthy lady in New York, even though her employer was under the spell of a psychic medium who was controlling her life and depleting her fortune. When Detective Stephen Hawke came forth to expose the wicked charlatan, Lauren was grateful . . . then powerfully attracted . . . then overcome with desire. Unable to resist Stephen's manly charm, Lauren found herself responding to his kisses, trembling under his strong, insistent caresses, and yearning to give herself completely to the rapture that consumed her!

For New York City Detective Stephen Hawke, this investigation was all in a day's work. A fraudulent spiritualist was hoodwinking rich New York matrons, and Stephen was determined to put a stop to it. But just as he was about to pounce on his prey in one of Manhattan's most opulent townhouses, he met a fiery beauty who made his senses reel. Thoughts of the spirit world fled in the presence of Lauren's all-too-fleshly charms! Astonished by the depth of his desire, he could not resist kissing her and running his fingers through her gleaming hair. Soon he would kiss her again and tease her with ardent caresses until she surrendered to the soaring ecstasy of his embrace, wholly possessed by . . . Love's Magic Spell

Captive Embraces by Fern Michaels

The voluptuous green-eyed Sea Siren sails again! Abandoned by the one man who can posses her completely, Sirena vows revenge to win him back.

Wrenched apart by jealous rage, Sirena and the virile Regan van der Rhys are caught in a tumultuous struggle. From sun-drenched Java to Spain and England, theirs is a surging epic of lust, piracy and ruthless betrayal.

On land, sea or in wild embrace, the magnificent lovers are equally matched as they challenge each other despite the passion that flames eternally between them!

Love’s Sweet Bounty by Colleen Faulkner


Jessica Landon was on a train bound for the Washington territory when masked bandits stole her carpetbag containing all the money she had in the world. Left with nothing but her fury, she set out after the thieves herself, without consulting Adam Sern, the handsome railroad detective who'd failed to stop the robbery in the first place. When sanity--and Adam--finally caught up with her, Jessica admitted she'd need his help to catch the outlaws... but when Adam soothed her with warm kisses, comforted her with his tender touch, and loved away her worries, she wondered if she was about to lose her heart as well as her fortune!


Adam had no choice-if he wanted to find the robbers, he'd have to take Jessica with him, for the green-eyed spitfire had seen their faces. Not that she'd be reluctant to go--she was hell-bent on retrieving her damned carpetbag. As they joined forces and headed west, Adam wondered if his days as a loner had come to an end, for once he'd sampled his beautiful partner's satin kisses and discovered her seductive innocence, he wanted to keep her by his side and treasure her love forever!

Cheyenne Captive by Georgina Gentry

SCANDALOUS THOUGHTS When Headstrong, golden-haired Summer ran away from home, all she could think of was leaving her strict father behind. But after a vengeance-seeking Indian attacked her stage threatening her with a fate worse, than death, the tempestuous girl yearned for her parents' overbearing rules....until the savage's cruel grip changed to a tantalizing touch! His sensuous caress banished all ties to the past, the exciting things he did with his lips made her yearn for an unknown fulfillment. From that moment the spirited innocent knew that her future was bound to his - and she'd cherish whatever relationship the uncivilized brave decided to have with her. FORBIDDEN DESIRES From the years he was forced to live in Texas, the handsome half-breed Iron Knife knew how deceptive palefaces could be. Surely this creamy-skinned, blue-eyed beauty was no different. But even as he tried to brutally punish her for her heritage, he was ensnared by the hip-length strands of wheat-hued tresses, enchanted by the firm curves of her nubile white body. Before the ruthless warrior could control himself, he was whispering of love, swearing there'd be no others. He could never marry this ignoble slave, but he'd sooner slay her than ever give up his bewitching....

Precious Passion by Elizabeth Doyle

Could she ever love a man...

To please her widowed mother and ward off spinsterhood, Aurora Black resigned herself to an arranged marriage. After all, she could hardly wed her one true love—the piano. But just as she found herself betrothed to a suitable bachelor, the soon-to-be-bride crossed paths with a stranger. One glance into his probing black eyes changed everything...even Aurora's fervent belief that only music could ever set her heart and soul on fire.

...As passionately as she loves her music?

Already bewitched by the raven-haired beauty, dashing Max Birmingham was stunned to learn that Aurora Black shared his impassioned devotion to song. The jaded aristocrat had long ago given up his secret longing for a musical career—and for a marriage based on love. Now the elusive Aurora rekindled both forbidden dreams...and aroused in Max a heartfelt yearning to transform their fleeting, stolen moments of passion into a lifetime of harmony.

Comanche Heart by Catherine Anderson

Forced to flee her Texas home, Amy Masters seeks santuary in Oregon. But she can't forget her pledge to Swift Antelope, the brave warrior who had captured her heart. Swift Antelope finds Amy and vows to never again lose the beauty who haunts his dreams. Sequel to Comanche Moon.

Savage Winter by Constance O Banyon

The Vision

He'd been named Wind Warrior and called the savior of his Blackfoot people. But the mystical power that filled him awoke his brother's hatred and envy. Dull Knife would do anything to take what was his.

The Woman

Slender and lovely, the white captive had long ago caught Wind Warrior's eye. She was the kind of beauty who could make a man forget all else in the exquisite pleasures of the night.But when Dull Knife plotted to steal her away, the rivalry between the two brothers would come to a head, a prophecy would be fulfilled and with her daring rescue, a great passion would be born.

Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson


Orphaned after her parents were killed by Comanches, Loretta Simpson still lives in terror that the warriors will return, her fear so powerful, she is no longer able to speak a word.

Hunter of the Wolf believes that Loretta is a woman of ancient prophecy whom he must honor. But Loretta can only see him as the enemy who has kidnapped her, and she refuses to succumb to his control—or his touch.

Despite the hatred between their peoples, Loretta and Hunter gradually find their enmity changing to respect and care. In the midst of such conflict, it will take all the force of their love to find a safe haven.


In My Wildest Dreams by Ellen Tanner Marsh

Fiery-haired Rowena de Bernard had been exiled by Napoleon's conquests from the luxurious French chateau of her birth to the snowy moors of Scotland. Then Captain Tarquin York, a handsome British cavalry officer, took her on a perilous journey back to France, matching her defiant spirit with a will of steel and claiming her heart with the all-consuming heat of his kisses. But Napoleon's armies, maddened with vengeance against the English, would turn their odyssey to the lush vineyards of Southern France into a flight from death. Soon Rowena would be caught up in the fight for freedom that would end at Waterloo. And amid the ravages of war, her innocence would end in flaming desire, and the passion of a woman hungry for everything love can bring.

Dakota Desire by Dana Ransom

Half-breed Scott Prescott decided years ago to travel the white man's path and tell no one of his past as Lone Wolf. But now that he'd brought his eastern bride-to-be home to the Dakotas to meet his white family, his Sious heritage was filling his spirit with fiery passions and fierce longings he could no longer deny. This wild country was where he belonged and the prim and proper Miss Gena Trowbridge was about to learn what it meant to be loved by a man with savage blood in his veins and red-hot desire in his heart!
From the moment they reached the Dakotas, Cents felt uneasy. Scott was somehow different here--stronger, more rugged, not at a like a polished Boston lawyer. The blond beauty had found it hare enough to control her unruly emotions back east, but now it was almost impossible to resist her fiance's rough masculine charm. Though his eyes held shadowy secrets, his lean, muscular body tempted her to forget her fears. His caress seared her flesh with delicious heat and his kisses made her inhibitions melt until she ached to surrender to the sensual pleasures of his DAKOTA DESIRE

The Price of Pleasure by Connie Mason

Fleur Fontaine was the most exquisitely sensual woman Reed Harwood had ever met, yet there was an innocence about her that belied her sordid reputation. Though he'd been tortured and starved by his jailors, his body reacted eagerly to her nearness.

Dangerous Desire by Ashley Snow

Lovely, chestnut-haired Jess Maury bated the American rebels, not least for murdering her beloved father. Still grief-stricken, she vowed to carry on his undercover work for the British by boarding a trading vessel in Philadelphia's harbor and delivering an important document to a man in faraway Baghdad--something to do with intercepting a shipment of gold. But long before she set foot on foreign soil she couldn't help succumbing to the overpowering physical presence of Captain Rhys Llewellen. And as she exulted in the forbidden ecstasy of his demanding embrace, it never occurred to her to wonder if there was more to his own voyage across the seas than he was letting on.

Rhys had more important matters on his mind than gorgeous Jess Maury. As a daring privateer, he had been entrusted by leaders of the Revolution with picking up a vital shipment of foreign gold and bringing it safely home. Still he was not one to pass up the chance to seduce a beautiful woman; that she was fiery and independent as well could only increase the pleasure when he finally got her into his bed. He would plunder the treasures of her supple body all through the star-filled nights, then go after a different treasure, leaving her with the memory of passion's DANGEROUS DESIRE

Tender Fury by Connie Mason

Lovely young Gabrielle LaFarge had resigned herself to the life of a nun in a French convent. But the future that awaits her is far different, for she is informed that she is to marry Philippe St. Cyr, a wealthy plantation owner from the island of Martinique. Gabby resents and fears this handsome, moody man, whose icy surface conceals depths of passion and violence. Though he awakens her to the sensual delights of lovemaking, Gabby’s heart remains untouched – or so she believes. As for Philippe, she is certain that he is incapable of love. Constantly at cross purposes, separated by war and the conniving of Philippe’s jealous mistress, each tries to forget the other, But a bond has been forged between them that will serve at last to unite them in love’s sweet, strange … Tender Fury