Fortune’s Mistress by Judith E. French

Title: Fortune's Mistress by Judith E French
Series: Fortune Trilogy #1

Tags: Pirate Heroes, Smuggler Heroes,

Published by: Avon Books
Release Date: March 1 1993
Pages: 371

Chains of iron bind them together in the shadow of the gallows -- an earthy, flame-haired beauty branded as a witch... and a condemned privateer, the dashing illegitimate son of King Charles II. Yet Lacy Bennett and James Black are not destined to die by the hangman's noose -- and escape instead onto a ship bound for the Caribbean... and a hidden fortune in gold. But grave peril awaits the notorious rogue and the sultry smuggler's daughter -- as the treacherous greed of a false friend threatens their lives and the quest for sunken treasure. And in the fires of adversity, unbreakable new chains will be forged -- eternally binding the handsome bastard lord to his enchanting low-born lady with sensuous passion... and rapturous love.

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