Enchantress by Constance O Banyon

Title: Enchantress by Constance O'Banyon

Tags: Sheikh Heroes, Harem,

Published by: Pinnacle
Release Date: April 1 1991
Genre: ,
Pages: 432

In the Turkish court of her stepfather, Brittany Sinclair was known as the daughter of the English Rose, that legendary beauty who had stolen Lord Simijin's heart. Raised between two worlds -- the proper English ways of her mother and the exotic sensuality of the harem -- Brittany had always been pampered and cherished. But now that she'd caught the eye of the sultan himself, only desperate measures could keep her safe.

Captain Thorn Stoddard was her last hope. As the handsome American's ship was about to set sail, Brittany hid belowdecks, certain his anger would be easier to bear than the sultan's lechery. How was she to know she had put herself at the mercy of a man whose searing blue eyes would brand her innocent flesh with passion's first fires even as his kiss tempted her to sample all that was forbidden?

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