Emerald Fire by Phoebe Conn

Title: Emerald Fire by Phoebe Conn

Tags: Italy Various Eras,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: January 1 1987
Genre: ,

When his brother died for loving gorgeous Bianca Antonelli, determined Evan Sinclair swore to find the killer—by seducing the dangerous temptress who lured him to his death. Having long explored the myriad ways of pleasuring a woman, the hot-blooded captain knew exactly how he'd stroke the blonde witch's swelling curves and savor her creamy flesh. But once he had her willingly surrendering all he sought, the lust for violent revenge gave way to the desire for unrestrained rapture!

Though she was engaged to the wealthiest man in Venice, lovely Bianca felt she was the unhappiest girl in the world. Then she met the tall, auburn-haired American and she decided she had to know passion for at least one night before her dreaded wedding day. Evan was insolent and wild, brash and uncivil, but just his glance made her flush with a sensual longing she'd never before felt. The green-eyed beauty gave herself completely to the stranger, forgetting the consequences in the furnace of her ecstasy's EMERALD FIRE.

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