Embers of Dawn by Patricia Matthews

Title: Embers of Dawn by Patricia Matthews

Tags: American-Reconstruction Era,

Published by: Corgi
Release Date: December 8 1982
Pages: 326

In a violent age of war and turmoil, Charlotte rose from the ashes of battle to seize a wild and passionate dream.
In the fiery aftermath of Civil War, she was penniless. She possessed only a ravaged farm and a cache of prized tobacco. Everything was gone but the determined spirit that drove her on. Two men kindle her dreams, ignite her ambitions, set her aflame. Ben Asher gave her wisdom and tender love. Clint Devlin introduced her to passion and swept her into a stormy romance. Torn between two men, pitted against sworn enemies, Charlotte battled to prevail, to find rapture and wealth beyond compare, to see her beloved South reborn

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