Embers by Helen Kirkman

Title: Embers by Helen Kirkman
Series: Northern Princes #2

Tags: England-Anglo Saxon Era,

Published by: HQN Books
Release Date: November 15 2014
Pages: 384

Alina, Princess of the Picts, had betrayed Brand—and earned his undying hatred.

Their reckless affair had once cost him all he had called his own. Now, restored to his former wealth and power, duty demanded that Athelbrand of Northumbria abduct the fugitive princess from a nunnery. With his country on the brink of war, Brand must deliver Alina to his king before he can have his revenge.

Their love was burned by loss and treachery, yet as danger gathers around them, their passion once again bursts into flame. This time would the sacrifice be too great for Brand to bear…or would love finally be his ultimate redemption?

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