Delicate Dilemma by Pamela Frazier

Title: Delicate Dilemma by Pamela Frazier

Tags: American-Regency Era,

Published by: Berkley
Release Date: September 1 1988
Pages: 203

Even as a child, Alethea worshipped Jean-Claude. A handsome nobleman and scientist, he found refuge from the French Revolution in Alethea's small English village. And the young girl was utterly charmed. Then, Alethea went away to school and became a governess, unaware of her blossoming, breathtaking beauty...until the voices of envy besmirched her innocence and destroyed her livelihood. Jean-Claude vowed to help her, to transform the shy country mouse into the toast of London. Soon the bold deception brought suitors to her door; young aristocrats courted her in the most sumptuous salons. Yet Alethea saw only heartbreak ahead. For either she would be exposed in disgrace, or she would succeed in their reckless scheme - and lose the only man she ever truly loved!

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