Daughter of Gold by Janeen O’Kerry

Title: Daughter of Gold by Janeen O'Kerry
Series: Celtic Journeys #8

Tags: Celtic Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: October 1 2004
Pages: 307

To the First Harvest fair Niamh goes, for revelry with others of the island. The Fianna go, too: the finest of the king's young warriors. Of them, Bryan catches Niamh's eye. He is strong of body and fair of face, and he wants her for his "Lughnasa Sister"—his lover for fourteen nights. But what good is a fortnight, for when it ends she will have nothing.

No; no matter how mighty Bryan is nor how tempting his kiss, she will give her heart only to one who wants more. To Bryan she offers an ultimatum: "There are three things that women want, and it will be your task to learn them if you want to win me." Bryan never turns down a challenge

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