Conquer The Night by Shannon Drake

Title: Conquer The Night by Shannon Drake
Series: Graham Clan #2

Tags: Kidnapping,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: July 1 2000
Pages: 495

His family murdered and his heart hardened by hate, Sir Arryn Graham had come to seek revenge against Kinsey Darrow for his bloody deeds against the Highland rebels. And he d do it by claiming Darrow's bride, Kyra, for his own. But in the tangled gold of her hair and the emerald of her eyes, Arryn found a lady who was much more than a pawn.

Conquered by this bold knight, Kyra embraced his savage passion, knowing it marked her as the king's enemy and put a price on her head. Now she is running for her life, an outcast who may be hanged unless Arryn can save her with his courage...and redeem his own soul with love.

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