Celtic Fire by Joy Nash

Title: Celtic Fire by Joy Nash
Series: Druids of Avalon #1

Tags: Ancient Civilization-Rome Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: May 31 2005
Pages: 309

When a Roman commander travels through Britannia to investigate a haunting vision, an ambush by hostile Celts leaves him with an unexpected prizeā€”a beautifully enchanting witch.

Back Cover Synopsis:

In the wilds of Britannia, a fierce battle raged. Rhiannon, rightful ruler of the Celts, longed to see the invading Romans driven from her land. But when she was taken by the enemy, she couldn't deny her reaction to their compelling leader. His dark eyes promised endless nights of wicked delight, yet Rhiannon continued to be haunted by an eerie feeling of recognition.

Having to look upon the ghost of his murdered brother every day was torture for Commander Lucius Aquila. But the strangely fascinating woman he'd captured had the power to make the visions disappear, and Lucius knew she could help him solve the mystery of Aulus' death. Even as he questioned her loyalty, her courage and beauty held him spellbound, and Lucius could only dream of the day he might succumb to her.

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