Bride Of The Dragon by Patricia Phillips

Title: Bride of the Dragon by Patricia Phillips

Tags: Knight Heroes, England-Plantagenets Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: January 1 1998
ISBN13: 0843943408

Captive Prize

As the bravest knights in the land competed in Stoneham Magna's jousting tournament, Isobel de Lacy marveled at their prowess. She was pleased when her stepbrother, Lionel, seemed to be winning the tourney, but her heart filled with dread when he was challenged by Morgan of Nels, the infamous Dragon Knight. To her horror, Lionel foolishly wagered all he owned on the match. And when the Dragon Knight proved the champion, Isobel suddenly found herself betrothed to the Welsh warrior.

Passion's Possession

Lionel vowed to rescue Isobel and regain his riches before she reached Wales. But when the British beauty arrived at Morgan's castle, there was no rescue party in sight. Isobel would soon realize, though, that being a possession was not as demeaning as she had first imagined—especially when her master had piercing blue eyes and a body sculpted to perfection. It was only a matter of time before Morgan unraveled the lovely lady's last reserves and made her yearn to fulfill all her duties as...The Bride of the Dragon

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