Bliss by Judy Cuevas

Title: Bliss by Judy Cuevas
Series: de Saint Vallier Brothers #1

Tags: Artist Heroes,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: April 1 1995
Pages: 373
ISBN13: 0515115878

Hannah Van Evan was a young American who wished to learn about the world and to make her way in it. She was determined to improve herself, but was often baffled by exclusive turn-of-the-century high society.

Nardi de Saint Vallier was a gifted young Frenchman of noble blood who had given up his passion for sculpting. Hell-bent on self-destruction, he resigned himself to a life without beauty—and an engagement without love.

Then Hannah came into his life. They met during a Normandy summer on the grounds of an old French chateau. Hannah was cautious, but intrigued by the somber Frenchman. Nardi thought the American girl hopelessly naive. But slowly her indomitable spirit cast a ray of light upon the darkness in his soul—and opened both of their hearts to the infinite possibilities of love.

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