Blaze by Susan Johnson

Title: Blaze by Susan Johnson
Series: Braddock-Black #1

Tags: Epic Love, American-Native American Era, American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Bantam
Release Date: August 1 1992
Pages: 486

The gold rush sparked a new American dream for those who staked their claims in the rich soil of undeveloped Indian territories. To Blaze Braddock, beautiful, pampered daughter of a millionaire, it was a chance to flee stifling codes of Boston society. But when Jon Hazard Black, a proud young Absarokee chief, challenged her father's land claim, Blaze was swept up in a storm of passions she had never before even imagined.

Taken hostage by the Indian warrior, Blaze Braddock surrendered to the dreams of a defiant people -- and found love in the arms of a man who had sworn to be her enemy...

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