Beyond The Horizon by Connie Mason

Title: Beyond The Horizon by Connie Mason
Series: Horizon Set #1

Tags: Cowboy Heroes, Wagon Train, Western,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: April 1 2004
Pages: 443
ISBN13: 050552306X

As the sheltered daughter of the once prosperous Branigan family, beautiful Shannon was ill-prepared for the rigors of the Oregon Trail, but she was still less prepared for half-breed scout Swift Blade. His dark eyes seemed to pierce her very soul, stripping away layers of civilization and baring her hidden longing to his savage gaze. His bronzed arms were forbidden to her, his searing kisses just a tantalizing fantasy; but as the countless miles passed beneath the wagon wheels, taking them to the heart of Indian territory, Shannon sensed that this untamed land would give her new strength and the freedom to love the one man who could fulfill her wild desire

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