Believe by Victoria Alexander

Title: Believe by Victoria Alexander

Tags: Knight Heroes, England-Camelot and Arthurian Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: July 1 1998
Genre: ,
Pages: 392
ISBN13: 0505522675

White Knights, Myths and Magic

Tessa St. James thought as little of love as she did of the Arthurian legend—it was just a myth. But when an enchanted tome fell into the lovely teacher's hands, Tessa found that she had to rethink her curriculum.

Suddenly in Merlin's Camelot, Tessa learned that the legend was nothing like she remembered. Galahad the Chaste was everything but—the powerful knight was an expert lover—and not only wizards could weave powerful spells. Still, even in Galahad's hard-muscled embrace, she felt unsure of this man who had seemed a myth. But soon the beautiful skeptic was on a quest as real as her heart, and the grail—and Galahad's love—were within reach. All she had to do was...Believe.

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