Ashes and Ecstasy by Catherine Hart

Title: Ashes and Ecstasy by Catherine Hart

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: March 1 2000
Pages: 480

Ecstatically happy in her marriage to handsome gentleman pirate Reed Taylor, Kathleen is never far from her beloved husband's side-until their idyllic existence is shattered by the onset of the War of 1812. Her worst fears are realized when she receives word that Reed's ship, the Kat-Ann, has been sunk, and all aboard have perished. Refusing to believe that Reed is dead, Kathleen mounts a desperate search with the aid of Jean Lafitte's pirate band, to no avail. The memory of the burning passion they shared is ever present in her aching heart-and then suddenly an ironic twist of fate answers her fervent prayers, only to confront her with evidence of a betrayal that will threaten everything she holds most dear

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