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Title: Apache Caress by Georgina Gentry
Series: Panorama of the Old West #8

Tags: Native American Heroes, American-Native American Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: October 1 1991
Genre: ,
Pages: 435
ISBN13: 0821735608

She was his captive...
Cholla seethed with fury. The Apache scout had risked his life tracking down renegades for the white man only to find himself chained like an animal on the army prison train. Well, if they wanted a vicious savage, he'd give them one--he'd even force a white woman to help him escape. Sierra Forester had gotten in his way, and he was in no mood to let the beautiful widow go. He didn't intend to harm her, but it was a long way from St. Louis to Arizona, and along the trail he vowed to discover exactly what his lovely captive knew about satisfying a man's desires . . . and unleashing her own!

He was her passion...
Every day Sierra grew less afraid of her savage captor. At first she thought he would kill her...or worse. After all, her husband had died at the hands of the Apache. But this Indian seemed to have more honor and courage than anyone she'd ever known. As they moved west, the handsome warrior protected her bravely from wild animals and wilder men--and tempted her with delights she'd never imagined. Now her traitorous soul hoped she'd never be free from his muscular embrace and searing touch. Her urges were scandalous, but Sierra could resist no longer. She would give anything to savor the wild ecstasy of his...Apache Caress.

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