Always In My Dreams by Jo Goodman

Title: Always In My Dreams by Jo Goodman
Series: Dennehy Sisters #4

Tags: American-Victorian Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: November 1 2004
Pages: 448

The sins of a father...

The youngest daughter of a New York financier, Skye Dennehy didn't run from danger; instead, she embraced it. And now her powerful father had asked her to spy on a reclusive inventor whose latest creation could change the world.

The passions of a daughter...

Skye didn't count on an obstacle that was large, unmoveable... and irresistible. His name was Walker Caine -- and he was a man who instinctively knew what Skye wanted out of life: no two tomorrows that were the same.

The love of a man...

What Walker kept from Skye was his past -- but not his passion. And as a shadowy enemy stalked them both -- thrusting Skye between two dangerous men - she knew she must risk everything for a love that could prove the most perilous adventure of all..

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