Always Her Hero by Adrienne deWolfe

Title: Always Her Hero by Adrienne deWolfe
Series: Velvet Lies #2

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: October 1 2000
Pages: 384

he brave, sexy hero who saved her life rode off before revealing his identity, but Eden Mallory has never forgotten the rugged stranger whose strong arms offered her comfort. Yet, when she sought refuge from scandal in Kentucky, she never dreamed she'd be staring into his deep, intoxicating eyes again.A man haunted by his past, Dr. Michael Jones abandoned the autumn-haired angel he rescued, certain he had no future to offer. But now that Eden has walked back into his life, Michael must defy his haunting conscience, follow his heart, and prove to the remarkable woman he desires that his is indeed a hero's love.

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