Alena by Merline Lovelace

Title: Alena by Merline Lovelace
Series: Destiny's Women #1

Tags: Ireland-Various Eras,

Published by: Harlequin Books
Release Date: April 1 1994


The wild heart of a warrior beat in the breast of Alena, daughter to a queen and mother to a king. A Celtic princess, she resolved never to bend to the invader's rule. But how could she foresee that the iron fist of Rome would stroke her soul with a velvet glove of passion?

The glory that was Rome was embodied in Marcus Valerius. Prefect of the VIIth Legion. Intrepid commander of heroes. Now newly come to Britain, he would ensure the peace for his emperor. Relentlessly. Completely. And despite the wiles of a tall and tawny barbarian goddess with witchcraft in her lips!

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