A Promise of Forever by Anita Stansfield

Title: A Promise of Forever by Anita Stansfield

Tags: LDS/Christian Love,

Published by: Covenant
Release Date: January 1 1996
Pages: 238

Bryson and Ilene Davis have it all-a wonderful temple marriage, five beautiful children, a secure and happy future. Then, overnight, their lives are forever altered by two words: breast cancer. Suddenly, their passion for life-and for each other-is deeply affected by the reality of Ilene's fragile hold on mortality.

In A Promise of Forever, Anita Stansfield has woven a masterful plot that will satisfy from beginning to end. Here you'll find romance, undying love, tragedy, surprise, renewal, and a keen insight into the challenges and blessings of life. Anita, the incurable romantic, will make a believer of you, too!

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