A Moment in Time by Bertrice Small

Title: A Moment In Time by Bertrice Small

Tags: Wales-Medieval Era,

Published by: Ballantine Books
Release Date: July 31 1994

From back cover:
Enter an enchanted age of pride and passion, where desire flows untamed - and love's adversary is fierce and strange....

Young Wynne of Gwernach has no dreams of marriage. Innocent and pure of heart, she believes that love is an illusion. Instead she devotes herself to managing the great family estate nestled in the raw beauty of Wales, vowing to protect it and her younger brother until he comes of age to inherit.

And then Madoc of Powys enters into her life, claiming his betrothal of Wynne when she was a babe. Madoc is both feared and worshiped throughout the land, for his family's power is said to stem from Merlin himself. Yet it is a very human desire that he evokes in Wynne...His warm gaze make her flesh burn with unaccustomed fire. STill, she remains firm in her belief that she can never marry, can never be owned.

But Madoc of Powys is a Celt in his heart and soul. He knows Wynne's reluctance to wed is the legacy of another life. In time she will know everything-a thing he both hopes for and desperately fears. For Wynne and Madoc have been lovers in another time, another place. But what unfinished destiny lies between them...?

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