A Family of Strangers by Sanchona

Title: A Family of Strangers by Sanchona

Tags: Australia-Various Time Periods Era,

Published by: Five Star
Release Date: September 14 2006
Pages: 355

The story opens in 1793 with Kate O'Neal boarding the transport that
would take her to Australia to serve her seven-year sentence for
castrating her employer's son who raped and brutalised her.
Kate has to survive the year-long voyage, and then the remaining six
years of her sentence in a penal colony teaming with men, where convict
women are seen as no better than commodity. Driven by her will to
survive, she first becomes Lieutenant Kendrick's convict mistress, and
when he loses her in a game of cards, Captain Spencer's "honey pot".
The core of her support comes from a group of friends, her family of
strangers . . 

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