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Book Review-Sweet Cheeks by K.Bromberg

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Book Review-Sweet Cheeks by K.Bromberg

Book Review-Sweet Cheeks by K.BrombergSweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg
Published by JKB Publishing on November 14, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Narrator: Andi Arndt, Sebastian York
Length: 10 Hours and 44 Mins
Pages: 347
Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 1942832036
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An all new second chance love story by the
New York Times Bestselling
author of the Driven series.

It all started with the invitation. To my ex-fiance’s new wedding.

I should have ignored it.Thrown it away. Set it afire. But I didn’t. I replied.

With a plus one.

And then my assistant accidentally mailed it.

Enter Hayes Whitley. Mega-movie star. The man who has captured the hearts of millions. But I gave him mine years ago. He was my first love. He was my everything. Right until he up and left to chase his dreams without so much as a simple goodbye.

When he showed up out of the blue ten years later, I should have known to steer clear. I should have rejected his offer to take me to my ex’s wedding. I should have never let him kiss me.

But I didn’t.

And now we’re left wondering if the pieces of the life we once shared still fit together somehow. First loves are hard to forget. The question is, do we want to forget? Or do we risk the chance and see what happens next?

Sweet Cheeks is a standalone novel and I thought it was time to get back to reading this author and I love discovering these wonderful books in the romance package at Audible. Sweet Cheeks was first off wonderfully narrated by two of my favorite narrators: Andi Arndt, Sebastian York. These two are fabulous together and so fun to listen to. I love their voices and how well they carry a romance to the reader or in this case “listener”. In Sweet Cheeks we have a second chance trope and dealing with movie stars as a character type.

Sweet Cheeks features our hero, who is a famous actor, Hayes Whitley, who left the small town he lived in and the girl he fell in love with to be famous and live his dreams. He knew that there was one person that could keep him in the small town he hated living in growing up. Saylor owns a cupcake bakery and is having a hard time keeping her business afloat. She broke off her engagement to a man from an influential family after being together for six years. But even though Saylor loved him in a way, she couldn’t see herself being truly happy with him the way that they should. But she is starting to realize that her breaking off her engagement is making her business suffer. When she receives her ex-fiancee’s wedding invitation in the mail she knows that this is the one way to show him and his family that she is happy and has moved on. When her high school sweetheart returns to town, her life goes upside down because Hayes is the one man she could see herself being “in” love with fully but she never understood how he couldn’t see goodbye all those years ago or how they could ever have a future when they live in completely different worlds. But she soon realizes that there is more between herself and Hayes than she originally thought, but his life in the limelight will challenge them in ways that they won’t see coming….will their love survive the chaos?

I had a blast with this book and I listened to it in one day. This book was so endearing and fun and had its playful moments. I adored the way this romance builds. I have a fondness for second chance romances, and this one is at the top of my list for the year. K. Bromberg has the writing style that just speaks to me and this story was so heartfelt in many ways. You see why these two had to be seperated and become set in their own lives and build their careers and paths. You see how their second chance is the right chance. The way that they know each other, the little things and the big ways that they mean to each other. I found seeing them reconnect to breathe new life into the reader as you read or listen. There is plenty of mistrust though in the beginning of the book, but once we get to the wedding and we see Hayes truly treat Saylor to the pleasures and joy of exploring the tropics and showing her ex fiancee’s family off and how petty they are and that what they have is worth everything they will throw at them. I loved seeing how they reconnect, they become so playful with each other. You truly see what great partners they are for each other, how much they trust each other despite the time that they have spent apart from one another.

There is so much growth that we find in the characters especially the heroine. At times she is a bit too trusting and can be naive in some ways but I like that she doesn’t doubt facts for too long. I understand why she acts the way she does, she likes to see the good in people instead of the bad especially with a family she thought she trusted for years. But Hayes is experienced in how some people behave and treat others and he is very practical and sees people as they are and I really like the way he helps her understand how some people truly are and aren’t as good as we would expect them to be. She learns some valuable lessons and I love the way she learns to accept what is even though she feels betrayed. But her relationship with Hayes and her own personal strength is what fortifies her. We see what she is able to handle and really comes into her own strength and I loved seeing her character blossom in this book and develop the way that she does. Even though I had issues with how she treats the hero at times especially towards the end. But I admired how she faces challenges and comes out on top and becomes a better person when facing adversity. It is truly remarkable to see the change. Our hero is just as delightful, we see the way that he is willing to fight for the heroine and the lengths he goes to in proving to her that he wants her and not just for the present. His life is a whirlwind of action and fame, but she is the only one he wants to share his life with. What is truly endearing was that Hayes never gives up on Saylor when the going gets tough. He fights for their love no matter what it takes and he is put in a terrible position but he accepts responsibility for things going south even though its not really his fault. He has such charm, strength, and kindness. He is a fighter and goes after what he wants and Saylor he wants in his life.

Overall I found Sweet Cheeks to be a delectable read that is full of sweet delights and surprises….a romance of rediscovering love and desire and learning the value of fighting for what is most important. A DELICIOUS TREAT!!!


About K. Bromberg

New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines, and damaged heroes who we love to hate and hate to love.

A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow.

Since publishing her first book in 2013, Kristy has sold over one million copies of her books across sixteen different countries and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over twenty-five times. Her Driven trilogy (Driven, Fueled, and Crashed) is currently being adapted for film by Passionflix with the first movie slated to release in the summer of 2018.

She recently released a two book, sports romance series, The Player and The Catch. Cuffed is the first book in her new Everyday Heroes trilogy. This three-book series will be about three brothers who are emergency responders, the jobs that call to them, and the women who challenge them. The remaining standalones in the series are Combust (January 29th) and Cockpit (Spring 2018).

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