Book Review-Warrior Reborn

Warrior Reborn
Warrior (2)
Melissa Mayhue
Pocket Books
Published November 2012
339 Pages
Time Travel Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4088-5
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Award-winning author Melissa Mayhue delivers once more with her second enchanting novel of the MacDowylt clan, featuring a captive Scottish seer who awaits the man from her visions to rescue—and love—her. . . . Former special ops agent CHASE NOBLE has been searching his whole life for the place where he belongs. As a descendant of Fae, he senses fate has more in store for him. And he will not rest until he discovers what his true purpose is. When he travels back in time to medieval Scotland, he discovers his mission is to save a beautiful woman—the same woman he is destined to be with.

CHRISTIANA MACDOWYLT possesses the gift of foresight. Prisoner of her evil half brother, Christiana has visions that show her that only one warrior can rescue her—a man she is mysteriously drawn to. The only problem is, he’s in the future. Now she must rely on the magic of a fairy to transport him to the past. And when Christiana finally meets Chase, the sparks between them set off a smoldering desire. But will the magic that brought them together also tear them apart?

My Review
In the Present Day, Chase Noble, is the son of a Fae, and has always known that there is much more to his life than just existing. He knows that there is a purpose in his future, and he knows it will be spectacular, only he never expected that he would be sent back 700 years into the late 1200’s. He knows that he has no idea what to expect, or what fate has in plan for him. Christiana has always possessed certain gifts, one of those being the gift of foresight, and because of this, she has been a prisoner of her evil half brother who would kill her if she doesn’t do what he says. Christiana has seen that a strange man would come into her life and rescue her, what she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with him. Chase upon hearing of Christiana’s dilemma, knows he must do everything he can to protect her. Chase has his own gifts, and will do everything he can to use all at his disposal to save the one woman who is his destiny.

My Thoughts 
After reading “Warrior’s Redemption” I was really looking forward to Christiana’s story. I am a huge fan of this author, and I have to say this cover alone would probably get me to read it. I do love the mix of blue and silver and purple, and *drooling* the gorgeous man with the sword who just gets my heart rate up, is just so delicious right?  Well I was very excited to pick this one up, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I found it to be a quick read and easy to get into but hard to put down.

It pretty much picks off right after the last one, (which I liked that aspect of it) where Christiana has just sent off her brother, and not knowing when she will see him again, she then returns to her home (if you could even call it that), and to her evil brother who always stays one step ahead of her. There isn’t much she can do to keep anything from him. However after her vision of Chase, she knows she must keep as much from him as possible, in order to protect the life of the man that would end up saving her soon. In present day Montana, we jump to Chase, who we see a man who is very eager to start his journey that is planned for him. Chase has always known that there is something special in store for his future, he just doesn’t know what or when. What he doesn’t expect is to be transported into the past, and still has no idea of his true purpose until he meets Christiana. Christiana doesn’t intend on finding such a instant attraction to Chase, she just wants to keep things simple. She soon learns that things never are simple when you need or expect them to be. There is so much intense emotion and even some dramatic scenes that definitely will give you the butterfly feeling. Not a dull moment.

I have to say that I just adored Chase and Christiana, both as separate characters and as a couple as well. In the beginning we see them both living their individual lives, and then we see them together and they are just perfect for each other. Chase is the type of man that is a “protector”, and he just loves women, but is not the rake type or to sleep around, but when it does happen with Christiana, I think I just want to gobble him up. He is what I would call the “magnifique lover”. Chase even though living in the present day, can still handle a sword (and quite well) and makes the transition to a contemporary world to a medieval one very smoothly for the most part. Christiana, has her own strength, but its more on the inner side of her. She isn’t the warrior woman type in any way. In this story we see how courageous she is and creative at times, and I loved her inner strength especially against her brother who is evil through and through. However she is the type of heroine that is in need of a knight in shining armor. She has a vulnerabilty and I liked how human that made her. She makes her share of mistakes, but she also faces the consequences and doesn’t hide anything from herself. I really appreciated her as the heroine, and liked her tenacity.

Overall a extraordiary romance that will send a thrill from head to toe. A never ending journey of adventure through time, a love that will melt your heart and a passion to make you want to swoon. I absolutely adored this time period that Mayhue takes us to, and the way she puts together such a magical tale of compelling characters, and a plot to only fill you with delight. A highly charged romantic tale!! A WINNER!

First Line 
Nothing was as it should be. 

Favorite Quote 
It was him!How she had not known it from the moment he’d entered her door was beyond her. She’d never clearly seen his face, but those eyes! She’d been lost in them too many times not to know them now. Her whole body tingled with reognition, a physical reaction to their first meeting she’d never forseen or imagined possible. 

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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