Book Review-Viking Unchained

Book Review-Viking UnchainedViking Unchained by Sandra Hill
Published by Penguin on 2008
Genres: Dark Ages, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Time Travel Romance, Vikings
Pages: 330
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0425222950
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Sandra Hill unleashes her best novel yet. Searching for his little boy, 11th century Viking Thorfinn lands in modern times, where he stumbles upon a dead wringer for his cheating ex-wife. Single mom Lydia Denton mourns the loss of her SEAL husband. Then she meets a man who resembles him. Despite Thorfinn's strange accusations, Lydia finds it impossible to ignore the chemistry between them. And as she gets to know this handsome Viking, she can't help but wonder whether two souls, separated by time, have found their way back together. Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.

As this is a time travel story, it starts out with two seperate story lines, one with Thorfinn Haraldsson in the eleventh century, and the other with Lydia Denton in the present day. Thorfinn once married a woman and had a young son, she leaves him along with his son. Even though he suspects that they have been killed in a storm on the sea, he continues searching for his son Miklof. He ends up in Baghdad fighting and killing as fast as he can, surrounded by a group of men. Then suddenly he is drawn by some force into another time, in the middle of a SEAL operation, one of the SEALs happens to be his cousin, who takes him on a plane and to the states. There he is learning how to treat others, especially women where he is about hopeless (a viking in the twenty first century is so hilarious, I was laughing the whole way through this section of the book) Finn is eager to be a fighting man once again, so the SEAL team that discovers him starts training him to be read for prep for being a SEAL.
Lydia Denton, lost her husband Dave who was a Navy SEAL and died in combat four years ago. She has been raising her son Mike all on her own. Lydia is a dancer and teaches other women how to do aerobic dancing. She sends her son Mike on the farm with her parents in Minnesota. She goes to a bar with a friend, and meets a man with Dave’s eyes; which were silver and very rare. Even though he looks different from her husband, she assumes he is back from the dead. One kiss turns into a endless night a steamy passion that gets the blood pumping. Lydia is utterly confused, despite the passionate nights they share, she wonders who this strange man is. She assumed its either Dave reincarnated or Dave sent this man to her. She aches for love again, and she knows that she is falling for Finn, despite his chauvenistic ways.
This is definitely an loveable read, that every romance reader will thoroughly enjoy. I have always loved reading Time Travel, and I have equally fallen in love with this one. Especially since I love reading from Sandra Hill and does amazing Viking stories. Here is a adventure you never want to miss out on. With a man who is a fighting Viking from the 11th century, who is taken to the future and has to learn to cope with modern women, that would most likely cut him to pieces if he calls them “wench” too many times. However with Lydia, he treats her differently then all the other women that he has met through the SEAL team. He treats her with more respect and tenderness than he does with anyone else. Lydia see’s a side of him, that is hidden beneath his rough exterior. Lydia falls in love with Finn, and when she finds out that he wants to join the SEAL team, she is broken inside, not knowing if she can live with another military man once more especially one that she has fallen in love with. Finn is insisting that all they have is sensual passion, that he could never love a woman and Lydia goes about to prove him wrong and make him fall in love with her. I truly was captivated by this story and the characters within it. This is the first of the Viking II series that I have read, which is her time travel viking series. I really loved everything about this book, I was laughing throughout the whole of the book, due to the circumstances of which Finn and Lydia are put in. There is a heated passion that develops between the two that really sets the room ablaze. And a love that expands through time and space. Definitely a keeper!

About Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill is a graduate of Penn State and worked for more than 10 years as a features writer and education editor for publications in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Writing about serious issues taught her the merits of seeking the lighter side of even the darkest stories. She is the wife of a stockbroker and the mother of four sons.

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