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Book Review-The Star Princess

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Book Review-The Star PrincessThe Star Princess by Susan Grant
Also in this series: The Star King
Series: Star #3
Published by Love Spell on January 1st 1970
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Pages: 387
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Ilana Hamilton isn't an adventurer like her pilot mother, or a diplomat like her do-right brother; she's a brash, fun-loving filmmaker who'd rather work behind the camera than be a "star princess" in front of it. Heiress or not, she's a perfectly normal, single woman...until Prince Ché Vedla crashes into her life.With six months to choose a bride, the sexy royal wants to sow his wild oats. Ilana can't blame him—but fall for the guy herself? Not a chance! Hotshot pilot or no, Ché is too stuffy, too arrogant, and too old-fashioned. But when he sweeps her off her feet Ilana sees stars, and the higher he takes her the more she wants to fly. If only her heart would stopping asking where she will land.

Illana, is known as the ‘Star Princess’ a title she abhors. Still living on Earth, her mother still happily married to King Romlijan, and her brother engaged, doesn’t know where her life is headed, but she knows it can never be the kind of life her family has picked out. Illana wishes for a life of normality. But when Prince Che Valda comes spiraling into her life, even if its for a distraction and to sow wild oats…Illana is determined not to fall for his charms. Che Valda must marry a bride, whom he has no idea of her identity, but comes to Earth for distractions until then, and the perfect canidate is Illana who memerizes him to the point where he wishes he could forget duty and obligation for once in his life and choose a life with a woman that he aches to keep forever…

The Hero (Che Vedla)
Prince Che, after losing his betrothed to another man, he knows what is expected of him and that he will need to marry soon. However he decides to take a trip to Earth, before he has to settle down…a means of sowing his oats. When he arrives he meets Illana, whom is far different from the women he usually has dealings with.. she is strong willed, opinionated, no respect for anything royal and has no desire to be royal, just live a normal life….Che intends on keeping her no matter what…..

The Heroine (Illana Hamilton)
After her mother married the King Romlijan…her life was forever changed, and even though her brother has fully embraced their ways…Ilana hasn’t, because she wants a normal life. One without putting on airs or the publicity and having no privacy…and she hates flying and dreads having to fly on a ship to see her brother get married. When Prince Che comes to her home, she starts to realize that not all things royal are bad….and that he may just be one that will hold the key to her heart.

My Thoughts
The Star Princess is the fourth in the Star Series. I have just fallen in love with this author and this series that I have been able to read so far…and at this point one of my favorite sci fi/futuristic romantic series. I definitely loved the story and plot line…..two people who are as different as night and day but are more than perfect for each other. I loved how Susan Grant blended it perfectly the romance, with a bit of mystery and danger and to top it off with passion…just made for a tremendously entertaining read…one that I would never regret. There was a satisfaction upon finishing the story…yet wishing it was longer. Definitely a keeper here!!!

About Susan Grant

I'm a US Air Force veteran, jet pilot, a RITA award winning, best-selling author, and mom.

If “Dad” were a science fiction story and “Mom” were a romance novel and they had kids, that’s what my books would be, hybrids of two fiction genres, science fiction and romance. I've been combining the two since the late 1990s, before anyone called it sci fi romance and deemed it a "new" niche genre, back when these stories were known as "futuristics."

Although I’m three years into a planned one-year writing hiatus (I know, I know), rumors of my retirement from fiction are greatly exaggerated. I’ve kept involved in literature by digitalizing my oldest titles for Kindle and other online retailers, all while dreaming up new ideas for many new works of fiction to come.

I've held onto my "day job” since mine is one of the best on the planet. I fly 747s to points west like Australia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. On my days off I’m happy being a homebody in my fixer-upper farmhouse overlooking one of the prettiest valleys I’ve ever seen, a region of vineyards, mandarin orchards, and old gold mines in the foothills east of Sacramento, California, living there with my family, including a Border Collie who is smarter than we are, a drooling Maine Coon cat and her anti-social daughter, an eight-foot python (loose in the house), Manfred our 6 foot 8, 345 pound vineyard foreman and ex Albanian prison guard fired for using excessive force, and his wife Frieda, our housekeeper, a retired circus performer/knife thrower prone to acute bouts of PMS. (Okay, I can’t really swear that the snake or the Albanian couple live here anymore, but the rest is true).

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