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Book Review-The Seduction Of His Wife by Tiffany Clare

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Book Review-The Seduction Of His Wife by Tiffany ClareThe Seduction of His Wife by Tiffany Clare
Also in this series: The Secret Desires of a Governess
Series: Hallaway Sisters #1
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on February 1st 2011
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 339
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0312381832

Emma Hallaway has not seen her husband in twelve years—and that's fine with her. As a young girl, she'd agreed to a simple marriage of convenience, allowing her to pursue her private passion for painting. And though unknown to the rest of polite society, Emma is now one of the most daring and sought-after artists in London. However, when her secret is threatened to be exposed, Emma is forced to open her heart—and her home—to a total stranger: her husband
Richard Mansfield, Earl of Asbury, is all too familiar with danger. As a matter of fact, it is hard on his heels when he returns to England. Still, even he is shocked to learn of his wife's scandalous double life as an artist. But once he sees the vibrant grown woman she has become—so passionate, so strong, and so alluring—his undeniable attraction to Emma stuns him. Suddenly Richard is determined to turn their sham of a marriage into a true and lasting love. But how exactly does a gentleman seduce his own wife?
The Seduction of His Wife is another riveting historical romance from Tiffany Clare.

Emma Hallaway has been married for twelve years, and hasn’t seen him since their wedding night. Emma is a painter, and has a talent for painting nudes, and is renown for her paintings. But when a man she thought friends, betrays her and threatens to reveal who she really is, unless she becomes his mistress, Emma is determined to make sure that never happens, because she would do anything to protect her sisters and keep them from scandal and ruin. But while in London, she runs across the one man she never thought she would see…her husband, Richard Mansfield. Richard has been away, traveling the world, and working in trade. Now he and his associate and closest friend, have decided to stay in London, but when he runs into his wife at a bawd house, he is shocked and furious. When he makes it known that he is staying, Richard plans on finding every secret that his sweet wife is hiding from him, but with each sensual embrace and scraping off the layers of Emma, he finds a woman  that is full of passion and daring.

The Seduction Of His Wife is the first book that I read from this author. Now many of her other books have been on my wish list for some time. But as I was browsing the library shelves, I found this one just waiting to be picked up and read. And I am all about discovering new authors, so I thought I would try this one out. And I was so glad that I did. What a wonderful romance this one was. I really had no idea what to expect from this story, but from the moment that I began, I was instantly dragged into and it dug its claws into me and refused to let me leave the story until I had finished it. Definitely a page turner, a story that had me from the first few chapters. It is the first book of the series, and there were many fun aspects about the story that I really enjoyed.

Let me first discuss what I loved about the characters in the story. Now there were two love stories in this one…the main focus was Emma and Richard’s story. But there is a sub plot that deals with Emma’s younger sister Grace and Richards friend Dante. Richard’s and Emma are quite the match. They definitely can show off fireworks, and tend to get very explosive together…especially in the bedroom. They have been separated for over twelve years, and you see in this story its all about reconnecting and healing. Both Richard and Emma are keeping secrets from each other, but you see how they slowly court each other with the help of Emma’s sisters. The main focus of the plot is Emma’s paintings and trying to keep it from her husbands knowledge, not knowing if he would support her in her work and think her scandalous. Richard is quite the hero…brooding at times, but can be playful, and tends to see Emma in ways that she doesn’t view herself. Emma has the penchant for getting into trouble, with her sisters getting her into mischief, she tries to appear to be respectable, but she is anything but. She isn’t ashamed of who she is, but as she gets to know her husband again, you see how she struggles with balancing her life out. She does have some trust issues with Richard, but throughout the whole story you see a tender love story.

Overall I couldn’t help but fall in love with one. It had such a different voice in the story that I am not used to in Regency’s. It had flair and zest, and with such sensual wit that it creates a rich and poignant treat for any reader to indulge in. I will definitely be reading more from this author.  DAZZLING!!!


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