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Book Review-The Scotsman by Julianna Garnett

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Book Review-The Scotsman by Julianna GarnettThe Scotsman by Juliana Garnett
Published by Fanfare on October 14th 1998
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 388
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0553576275

Follow this extraordinarily talented writer into a wild, romantic land of mists and mountains, where a rebellious Scots lord and a defiant English beauty surrender to a reckless passion that could destroy them both...
SHE WAS HIS SWORN ENEMY - AND THE WOMAN HE DARED TO LOVEProud and fierce, Alexander Fraser fights for the lands and title the English stole from his family - and for the Scots dream of freedom. Now he's lost what's closest to his heart: his younger brother Jamie, captured by the ruthless earl of Warfield. Determined to free Jamie, Alex boldly takes a hostage - the earl's daughter Catherine. But the delicate maiden he locks in his craggy castle has more mettle than many men...and more passion than any woman he has ever known. Even as Alex and Catherine risk scandal and insurrection to indulge their desire, he knows he must someday give her up...or forfeit his brother's life.

Alexander Fraser has learned that his younger brother has been captured by the English, and he knows he has little time to save him. So Alexander does the only thing he can, he kidnaps the daughter of the man who is holding his brother hostage. Catherine has always felt oppressed by her father, who only sees her as a way to gain fortune with planning her upcoming marriage with a man twice her age. But while out taking a breath of fresh air, Catherine finds herself kidnapped by A fierce yet handsome Scottish warrior. He takes her to his home, and plans on trading her for his brother. Catherine knows that she means little to her father, she knows her brother will try, but she doesn’t see her father trading her for his valued prisoners. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with her captor, a man who offers her respect and gentleness and…desire. She has only ever wanted to find a place in life, and she knows that in her heart her place is by Alexander’s side.

The Scotsman is another single title by Juliana Garnett, but takes place in the same time frame as The Laird, which I recently read and reviewed. After recently discovering this author, I am amazed that this is the first time I have read her. Her storytelling is inspiring, passionate, and full of depth with each page. The Scotsman is a story that takes place in Scotland, with the waring between Bruce and the English king. There is something awe inspiring about this time period and the passion and determination of the Scots. With The Scotsman we see how far men and women are willing to go for what they believe in, even at the cost of their lives.

The story starts with Catherine being kidnapped by Alexander who hopes to ransom her. While Catherine is residing with Alexander, we start to see a slow burning passion build between these two characters who try to resist it knowing it could never go anywhere. I love how much emotionally driven this story is and I loved this love story. There was so much intensity in this story, and it definitely carries through until the end. When you finally think that you have the plot figured it, it throws a curve ball and you better watch out or you might get slammed.

Overall a intense and passionate story to burn in your memory. A tale that takes place in a time of war, grief, and loss but also passion and a fierce will to survive. A stunning romance to worm its way into your heart!! REMARKABLY WRITTEN and I LOVED IT!!

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