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Book Review- The Panther and the Pearl

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Book Review- The Panther and the PearlThe Panther and the Pearl by Doreen Owens Malek
Series: Panther's Legacy #1
Published by Leisure Books on May 1st 1994
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Sheikhs, Harems
Pages: 391
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0843935693

On an innocent excursion to Constantinople, Sarah Woolcott finds herself a prisoner in a handsome sheik's harem. Although she spurns his passionate overtures, Kalid Shah vows to tempt her with his masterful skills until she becomes a willing companion on their journey of exquisite ecstasy.

My Review
When Sarah visits her cousin and his wife in Persia, she is intrigued by the culture, and volunteers to teach at the Sultan’s Harem. But then she catches the eye of Kalid, a Prince. So Kalid buys her from the Sultan, because she intrigues him in a way that no woman has. Sarah is shocked to discover she belongs to Kalid, and even though he is gorgeous and mesmerizing, but she refuses to give in to his seduction, because she is a person not a possession…but when he kisses her all her common sense and revolve goes out the window, and she feels herself opening up to him despite her inner protests and knows that she is falling in love with him…

The Hero 
Kalid, was raised in Persia and this culture, having a harem is second nature to him. However when he was younger he was able to go to school in England, and he has always had a attraction to strong independent women. Having feeling bored with his own harem and life, until he see’s Sarah and he knows he must have her, and will do anything to keep her in his life…

The Heroine 
Sarah, is shocked to discover that she is a captive now, and part of Kalid’s harem. She has no idea how she will be able to resist him before long. Sarah more than anything wants to leave, but knows that’s near to impossible. However there is something strong happening between them, she can feel it, and before long she know it she is in love with the scoundrel, and doesn’t want to live a life without him even if that means giving up her previous life….

My Thoughts 
This was the first novel that I have read from this author, and I just fell in love with this story. It starts out a little slow but eventually the story really kicks into gear, and I found myself not able to put it down. I have always had a weakness for Sheikh’s love stories, and this is probably at the top of my favorites now….Kalid is very arrogant and holds power in his hands….but as the story progressed you start to just fall in love with him as the hero. Sarah is very strong willed and determined and I just loved how she stands up to Kalid with no fear….and I just enjoyed seeing these two fall for each other….it was a heartwarming romance, that will tickle your toes as you read…and warm your heart!!! A beautiful story set in a exotic place!!! Definitely looking forward to reading more from this breathtaking author who creates wonderful stories to capture the heart!!

About Doreen Owens Malek

aka Faye Morgan

{From Amazon} "I am Doreen Owens Malek, author of over forty books and lifelong fan of romantic fiction. I live in PA with my husband and college student daughter, a mini dachshund and a sun conyer parrot. I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I came to writing by a circuitous route, starting out as an avid reader of JANE EYRE and WUTHERING HEIGHTS and GONE WITH THE WIND and REBECCA and any other similarly themed books I could find. I first worked as a teacher and then graduated from law school when I desired a more lucrative and independent career. I had always been discouraged from pursuing a writing career by the volatile nature of the business and the relatively poor chance for success. But the realization that I needed a focus for the future encouraged me to do what I had always wanted to do. I sold my fledgling novel to the first editor who read it, and I have been writing ever since. I have written all types of books for all types of people, but my favorite literary pursuit is and always has been romance. Nothing is as rewarding as hearing from my readers, so please use my website to communicate your thoughts and criticisms, as I am always eager to learn from you.

A romance novel rarely disappoints me: in an uncertain world filled with tragedy and sadness, reading about an appealing woman finding a strong man to love her and share her life is the perfect escape. I like to read and write stories in which the main characters overcome obstacles to get together, and then stay together because their mutual devotion cannot be denied no matter what else is happening around them. They always HELP each other and reinforce the quaint but enduring notion that love conquers all - at least in the fictional universe of my imagination. So pull up a chair and take down a book- or pick up a Kindle- and join me in a world where the heroes are tough and headstrong but never boorish and the heroines are feminine and sympathetic but never helpless."

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