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Book Review-The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde

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Book Review-The First Love Cookie Club by Lori WildeThe First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde
Also in this series: Christmas at Twilight, The Sweethearts' Knitting Club, The Welcome Home Garden Club, The Christmas Dare
Series: Twilight Texas #3
Published by Avon on October 26th 2010
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Small Town, Holiday Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0061988421

“Lori Wilde has created a rich and wonderful story about the charm of small town life combined with the power and passion of first love. Delicious!”—New York Times Bestselling author Robyn Carr
Come back to Twilight, Texas with award-winning author Lori Wilde. The First Love Cookie Club is heartwarming contemporary romance fiction, the story of a famous writer’s return to the hometown she once fled in humiliation—only to discover that the boy she foolishly gave her heart to those many years ago might just be her Christmas miracle. Fans of Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallery, and Sherryl Woods will delight over The First Love Cookie Club, a wonderfully poignant tale of small town second chances.

There is a legend among the town of Twilight, Texas, that if you sleep with kismet cookies and dream of your true love, then he will be your future. Sarah Collier, as a teenager, had known that Travis was her one true love. But when she hears that he is to married, she tries to stop the wedding, only to be rejected, now all grown up, an adult, a scrooge, but yet a author for children’s books, and is well known among children everywhere. She then receives a letter, from a sick girl, who begs to meet her, that is her Christmas wish, thinking she is going to die. So Sarah reluctantly agrees, to stay in her hometown, but what she is surprised to discover is the girl’s father is none other than Travis Walker himself. Now she knows that she is in trouble, because he is her weakness. For years Sarah has prided herself on moving on from that embarrassing moment as a teenager, and now doesn’t believe in fated love…but a building trust like her parents. But as her hearts gets wrapped up in Jazzy’s dilemma, with her suffering from what appears to be a fatal illness with no cure in sight. Will Sarah and Travis find their happy ending?

There is so much emotion that is riding on this story. I knew going into it, it would be a winner, since every book I have read from this author has been phenomenal and I have come to really admire this author’s talent in weaving a sweet and poignant romance…and lets just say that she has done it again…only this story has one more positive note…it has a holiday kick to it, with the heroine being the scrooge of the story. Now that usually doesn’t happen too often, so it was fun seeing the building up of Sarah as one of the main characters. Now in the beginning of the story, it starts us off with that teenage embarrassing moment, which I am sure that we can all relate to, however my heart just went out to Sarah. Then we skip ahead to the present, and we see Sarah all grown up, hates Christmas, and almost refuses to return to twilight until she reads Jazzy’s letter…which just about broke my heart. From the first moment we see this little girl enter the story, you just cave. You just want Jasmine to get a happy ending, and find a way to beat this illness.

The romance section of the story was pretty emotionally driven for the most part. It doesn’t really kick in for a while, it more of a dancing around each other for a while. Sarah has a lot of issues and most of them revolving around Travis, and boy does she make him work for it, and he so deserve it!! LOL I loved Travis, I really did, but there was some moments, where I wanted to just shake him and throw him out…but in a very loving way. Then there were others, where I just wanted to give him a hug, he is such a great father, and I loved the way his character was with his daughter, it was so precious and it just made me want to cry. I enjoyed seeing Travis and Sarah really come together, and work on past issues together, and it isn’t easy for either one of them, but they definitely persevere, and it was such fun seeing these two work out all the kinks.

I could tell from the beginning, that this story wouldn’t be a easy to relax into one. It would definitely be the type to put my emotions through the ringer, pull out your tissues ladies, and a pom pom and be ready to cheer this couple on, cry in those tender and heart wrenching moments, and just dance when something good happens to this darling little family. A story that is guaranteed to magically weave its way into your heart, with the magic of the season to warm you on a cold winter’s night!! SPECTACULAR!!

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