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Book Review-The Earl Claims His Wife

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Book Review-The Earl Claims His WifeThe Earl Claims His Wife by Cathy Maxwell
Series: Scandals and Seductions #2
Published by Harper Collins on September 29th 2009
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780061937811

She'll be his perfect wife . . .
Preoccupied with fighting Napoleon and making love to his mistress, Brian Ranson has ignored his wife since their wedding. But now that he's become the Earl of Wright, he's ready to fetch his bride back to London. He's shocked to find she's become a bold, beautiful woman, exactly the kind he lusts after . . . and she wants nothing to do with him.
Gillian, Lady Wright, is desperate to seize the love she's been denied . . . but not with her rakish husband! So she makes a bargain—for thirty days she'll be the perfect wife, then he'll set her free. But no matter how she hardens her heart against her damnable earl, her body begs her to surrender . . .

Gillian, Lady Wright, after falling in love with Brian Rason, the Earl of Wright, then marries him only to find out that he loves another and plans to leave her to go to Europe to fight in the war and take the woman he loves as his mistress. Now she is ready to take a lover, a hansome spaniard who stirs up her heart, and she knows that she can find happiness with him. Brian has returned to London, and has been sending her requests to return to his side, however after all the years he has ignored her, she plans on the doing the same to him as well. But then he comes to her to take her home with him. Brian, Earl of Wright, after finding out that his mistress betrayed him, and left behind a situation where he will need his wife’s help, he goes to her to bring her to London, because he is at a loss at what to do, and knows that she is the only one that can help him, despite all the hurt he has caused her. But Brian has only one month to prove to Gillian, his love for her, and to have her feel the same in return.
The Hero 
Brian, Earl of Wright, fell in love with his mistress and had known her all of his life. So when his father forced him to marry Gillian, he left to fight in the war and set his mistress up on his own. However when he returned she betrayed him and has left him in a situation that has him most angry and with a feeling of helplessness, and knows that the only one to help him is his wife whom he hasn’t seen since they were married. So he goes to claim her again as his own, not realizing how much emotion she would stir in him, and that he wants her both in his bed and in his life.
The Heroine 
Gillian, Lady Wright, after once falling in love with Brian, is ready to start her life with another man. However then Brian returns, insisting that she return to him, but Gillian has made a agreement with her husband, that she will return for one month and than after the alloted time frame, he will allow her a divorce if she helps him get a assignment within the government to help the soldiers in the war. But as time goes on, Gillian wonders if she can give up the man that has stolen her heart once more.
My Thoughts 
The Earl Claims His Wife by Cathy Maxwell is a wonderfully written love story, that stir up emotions in any reader. This is the second installment of the Scandals and Seduction series. As with most of Cathy Maxwwell’s novels, I found this to be a intriguing and romantic read, that had me cheering for both of the main characters. We have the hero, who is fighting for the life of a innocent and the heroine, who yearns for love and children. So when she agree’s to the one month agreement, she never realized that her heart would once more be threatened by Brian, knowing that she can’t resist his charms or his heart. The Earl Claims His Wife was a wonderful romance, a well written story, with endearing characters.

About Cathy Maxwell

CATHY MAXWELL spends hours in front of her computer pondering the question, "Why do people fall in love?" It remains for her the mystery of life and the secret to happiness.

She lives in beautiful Virginia with her children, horses, dogs, and cats.

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