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Book Review-Teach Me Under The Mistletoe

by | Dec 19, 2015 | Book Reviews | 6 comments

Book Review-Teach Me Under The Mistletoe

Book Review-Teach Me Under The MistletoeTeach Me Under the Mistletoe by Kay Springsteen
Published by Astraea Press on December 8th 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Holiday Romance
Pages: 191
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased

According to Caroline "Kitty" Tyndall's friends, a young lady who's gone two seasons in London with nary a nibble from a prospective suitor is well on the way to spinsterhood. But what's a girl to do when she's never been kissed, and the worldly man she wants regards her as a child?
Hugh McCollum spends his days as a stable hand staying out of trouble and saving for his planned emigration to America. When Lady Caroline asks him to teach her how to kiss so the man she's set her cap for will find her more sophisticated, he knows he should run in the other direction. But when a pretty young woman falls into his arms and begs for his help, what's a red-blooded man to do but oblige?
If learning to kiss leads Kitty to love, will the man of her dreams be the man of her heart?

My Review

In Teach Me Under The Mistletoe we have a story that is set in Regency England. Our hero, is a stable groom working along side with his brother, just waiting for the right time to leave England and head to America. Then he runs into the lovely “Kitty” his boss’s daughter and a lady of the Ton. Kitty has her eyes on a certain gentleman but she knows that she must get creative to pique his interest. So she employs the help of Hugh to train her in how to kiss. They begin meeting in secret, having picnics in the cool weather and keeping warm under the mistletoe with kisses and passionate embraces. But Kitty will need to choose between a horrible match or the man she has fallen in love with.

This was a cute romantic read….but very short and sweet. Under 200 pages….but it flew by pretty quick and I grew to really like both of these characters. We have the setting of the whole “forbidden romance” theme going on and it really appealed to me with Kitty and Hugh. The author balanced it well out as far as the romance is concerned. It was a slow and steady built up of emotion and feels. What I felt was missing was the Christmas feel to the story. The only relevance it had to Christmas was them kissing under the mistletoe. And there was a second love plot with Kitty’s sister that I wanted to see more especially since this is a single title. The ending wasn’t as satisfying as I would have liked….it had a more HFN feel than a HEA (which is my preference especially when its not part of a series). But other than these aspects…I really enjoyed this story. It had charm and a classic romantic feel to it. There wasn’t much conflict….or there was but not a heavy level of intensity to it. It was more lighthearted and fun at times which is what I was in the mood for.

So if you like the lighthearted romances than I would recommdn this one. But for myself I did feel like some things were missing from the romance since I always crave more depth and emotion. But it was a sweet diversion from the stresses of life.

About Kay Springsteen

I believe in true love, soul mates, romance, and happily ever after. I see life through romantic eyes, no matter what curve balls get tossed into the mix…

I grew up in Michigan but moved to Annapolis, Maryland in the late 1990s, and from there came to reside in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia. When I’m not writing, I can be found hiking in the mountains with one or more of my rescue dogs and a camera – and even sometimes my family. When I’m writing, I will often look out the window into my garden hoping for (and often finding) inspiration. Among the highlights in my garden:

Argiope aurantia, AKA the black and yellow argiope is also called banana spider, yellow garden spider, zipper spider, golden orb weaver and the writing spider. Seriously, can there be a better muse than something actually referred to as a writing spider? But I enjoy the various flowers and plants I grows in my garden, too…as well as an abundance of wildlife other than spiders, including vultures, deer, racoons, rabbits, and, recently bears.

I’m a TV drama junkie (especially USA Network, TNT, and Lifetime) and I’m a movieholic, with a preference for action movies or romantic comedies, depending on my mood. I am an absolutely voracious reader. Oh, and I write romantic fiction.

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  1. Melliane

    Ah yes it’s not a very big book there but it looks like a nice one though. I always love to have a sweet HR novel.

  2. Quinn's Book Nook

    I’m glad you enjoyed this, even if it wasn’t quite as good as you were hoping for. I prefer a HEA too. HFN is okay in some books, especially contemporary and part of a series where I seem them in their HEA later on in another book. BUt HEA is always my choice!

  3. Lola

    I like the christma sfeel of this cover and the plot sounds fun with how she falls in love with the guy who was supposed to teach her how to kiss so she could seduce another guy. The romance sounds well done, but that’s a shame the christmas feel didn’t come more into play. I usually prefer HEA’s too, although a HFN can work too in some books I usually prefer a sequel in those cases.

  4. kindlemom1

    I just love these type of reads this time of year. I definitely need to try this author!

  5. Sophia Rose

    I love class romances, too. It’s been a while since I read a Kay Springsteen book. I’ll keep in mind that this one is a HFN. I prefer the HEAs, too.

  6. Aurian

    Not sure this one is for me, but glad you enjoyed it.


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