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Book Review-Sweet Deception

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Book Review-Sweet DeceptionSweet Deception by Heather Snow
Also in this series: Sweet Enemy, Sweet Madness
Series: Veiled Seduction #2
Published by Signet on August 7th 2012
Genres: Historical Romance, Victorian Era, Mystery
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0451237609

In the dark, the greatest lover can become the most dangerous conspirator...
Footsteps In The Fog
Lord Frederick Aveline, otherwise known as Derick, has successfully kept up appearances as an English nobleman. What no one knows is that he's a full-blooded Frenchman—a double agent for the British against the French. But there is something else no one knows about Derick. Deciding to leave behind his days of espionage, he's arrived home in Derbyshire to finish one final order of business: to find and expose a dangerous traitor in their midst.
But Aveline Castle holds its own share of secrets — including murder — and an unexpected lure in the brilliant and feisty Emma Wallingford. Emma's loyalty lies with acting as the town's magistrate, and she doesn't welcome an unanticipated, though appealing, intrusion like Derick's. As the two of them are drawn closer, the sordid past of Derick's family comes to light, as does the true nature of his arrival. But when deception, however sweet, is the name of the game, no one can be trusted. And every love — and every life — is at risk.


Frederick Aveline, is a peer in the realm, but has been away since he was seventeen years old. Many speculate that he is a french spy, since he is half french. But he is a spy but for England, and has spent most of his adult life in Europe to aid England in the war. He has now come back home, for one last mission, and then plans on leaving everything to start fresh, in America. His mission, go to Derbyshire, to expose a traitor, who is the local magistrate in town. But when he arrives, he finds a innocent young woman missing, and working alone side with the magistrate’s sister, Emma Wallingford. Emma who used to follow him around everywhere, and he nicknamed her “Pygmy” and they developed a strong friendship. Emma, always had a soft spot for Frederick, ever since she was a child, she adored him. But then he left and she realized that she cared for him more than he ever knew. Now he is back, and they are on the search, and having to unravel a mystery, but soon a desire erupts between them, and Frederick will have to decide if he can trust Emma, will all of himself…

The Hero 

Frederick Aveline, is quite a complex character, and I quite enjoyed his personality. He had quite a bit of depth to him, and he was the brooding hero that I just always fall in love with. Aveline is a spy for England, but has had to spend most of his time in Europe. To his country, he is only half french, but what they don’t know is he doesn’t have one drop of English blood in him. Frederick struggles with not feeling worthy of the title. Frederick, is quite talented at giving off the image he wants to convey. But he isn’t read for Emma’s smarts. He has always liked Emma, since they were children, even if she followed him everywhere. But he holds great affection for her. Frederick was quite the hero, a bit different than I was expecting. He is charming, handsome, and a scoundrel. But when you dig a bit deeper you see he has a heart of gold, but suffers from the sacrifices he has had to make, and you how tormented he is.

The Heroine 

Emma Wallingford, may be a woman, but she is quick and smart and sassy. She is stubborn to a fault and determined to win. Emma was the type of heroine you just admire from the get go. She has tenacity and spirit, but has the sweet endearing quality about her you can relate to at any given moment. I loved how quick she is, and sees through Aveline’s facade of a pompous rake. Emma has a mathematical and logical mind, her father passed away, and her brother is suffering from a mental disability, where he is only lucid for certain periods of time. So she has had to take it upon herself to be the magistrate full time. She is determined to bring a end to crime. She sees things in her mind very logical, and is determined to find out the cause of crime in England and put a stop to it (quite a challenge I know). But she is quite strong willed, and she is smart enough to do it. I loved seeing her character become quite a strong element in the story.No flight young miss we have here, I wish I was half as smart as she seems to be. And boy does she know how to answers to riddles and puzzles.

Plot and Story Line 

This is quite a complex story, and so the plot definitely keep you excited and anxious. From the first chapter, you are drawn into a story that you know its going to surprise you…and boy did it pack quite the punch of surprises, shocks and delights. I just couldn’t get enough of Sweet Deception. You see how this author weaves a tale of mystery, intrigue, depth, and heart pounding desire. I can be picky about the regency romances, but I swear this author keeps winning me over with this genre. Sometimes I get bored with it, but now when Heather Snow is at the helm. She has a beautiful way of creating a story that is intense, keeps your mind active, and at the same time satisfying you will a delightful romp of a romance.  There were so many things that I adored about this story. One of the things that I found delightful was how Emma is determined to show Frederick that they are worth fighting for. She can be very bold and daring, which I wasn’t expecting. At first you think of her as smart and quick, but more of the sedate time. But no, when she wants something, she goes after it, with any means at her disposal. I loved the banter between Emma and Frederick, it was quite fun and playful. Despite the seriousness of the story line, locating a traitor and a killer on the loose, but the story is also packed with a some sizzling sexual tension, and some complex character and this is a story to keep your heart racing, and guaranteed to hold onto your attention and won’t let go till the last page.


Now I will say I just love the covers for this series. They fit the profile of the story, and the cover for Sweet Deception is mysterious and beautiful. I am a big fan for the color green, I feel like its such a good color, and really fits the heroine’s style that is displayed in the story. As a whole it has a simplicity to it, but at the same time gives off a edge of mystery as well. I love her pose, its very self assured and confident–which is exactly Emma.  I love the way the dress is draped on, not too revealing, but gives off a hint of sensuality. Quite stunning.

Overall View

Sweet Deception is a is a wonderfully written romance that combines, witty dialogue, captivating characters, fast paced plot, a few twists along the way, and a breathtaking love story. Heather Snow is a author that you HAVE to watch out for. Quite simply…refreshing and tasteful!!


Favorite Quote

“My little Pygmy, ” he murmured. “Are you planning to save the world?”
“Yes,” she whispered. caught in his gaze. Something sad and cynical crept into his eyes, coloring the green–a shadow of the pain she glimpsed last night. She wanted to banish it for him. Something in her knew that even more than she wanted to make the lives of Britons better, she wanted to help heal Derick Aveline. She reached her other hand to his face, cupping his jaw. “Yes” she said again, aloud, more firmly than before. “I am going to save the world.”
And I am going to start with you, her heart whispered.

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