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Book Review-Sleeping Beauty and the Demon by Marina Myles

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Book Review-Sleeping Beauty and the Demon by Marina MylesSleeping Beauty and the Demon by Marina Myles
Series: The Cursed Princes #3
Published by Kensington Books on August 7th 2014
Genres: Fairy Tales
Pages: 234

Sleight Of Hand
Dragomir Starkov poses as an illusionist, a showman performing tricks, his Romanian accent and dark good looks all just a part of the drama. That's how Rose Carlisle first sees him. She's a respectable girl--she wouldn't accept witchy birthday gifts from a demon. But the hustle and bustle of 1912 New York City offers plenty of ways to slip around the strict old rules of propriety. A good thing, too, because once Rose meets Drago, she no longer cares about being respectable.
But the only illusion in Drago's act is that his magic is smoke and mirrors. Every word of power he speaks is as real as Rose before him, in thrall to his lust and adoration. Drago knows about Rose's curse, that she will die on her next birthday. But the shadowy threat that stalks her hasn't won her yet. If she can trust him, perhaps he can save her too. . .

Sleeping Beauty and the Demon is the fourth book in this series, and I have followed this series since the beginning and I have loved the style and theme of it. I have always adored fairy tale themed romances, but the unique style that Myles has put a new twist on the fairy tales, is very fascinating and original. This story follows up with the original fairy tale Sleeping Beauty and the differences in the story add a extra spice. There is a darker theme to the story, with it full of secrets and intrigue, but there is also a intensity between the characters, and in the end becomes a powerful love story. The characters in this story are very endearing all the way through. Drago has a somewhat darker character but one that pulls you further in the story. His character is very different from what you usually read, he has such a devotion to Rose, and even though at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, by the end of the story I grew to really like him. Rose is strong willed and she is the type of heroine you find likable, although she seems to be a bit naive at times. But there is a way that this character is put into the story that you find compelling and real. Overall a intense paranormal romance with plenty of magic, passion, and adventure!!! STUNNING!!!

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