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Book Review-Seducing Mr. Knightly

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Book Review-Seducing Mr. KnightlySeducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale
Also in this series: The Tattooed Duke
Series: The Writing Girls #4
Published by Avon on October 30th 2012
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
ISBN: 0062088947

He’s the only man she’s ever loved…
For ages it seems advice columnist Annabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly, editor-owner of The London Weekly from a distance. Determined to finally attract her employer’s attention, she seeks advice from her loyal readers—who offer Annabelle myriad suggestions…from lower-cut bodices (success!) and sultry gazes (disaster!) to a surprise midnight rendezvous (wicked!).
She’s the only woman he never noticed…
Derek never really took note of his shy, wallflower lady writer. But suddenly she’s exquisite…and he can’t get Annabelle out of his mind! She must be pursuing someone, but who? For some inexplicable reason, the thought of her with another man makes Knightly insanely jealous.
Will Dear Annabelle find her happy ending?
But Knightly’s scandalous periodical has been targeted for destruction by a vengeful Lord Marsden, and the beleaguered editor now faces a devastating choice: either marry Marsden’s sister to save his beloved newspaper…or follow his heart and wed his Writing Girl.

My Review
Annabelle has loved Derek Knightly from afar ever since she first started working for him. Annabelle, knows that he barely even notices her, and she wonders if she will ever be loved in return. So after waiting for what seems like forever, she decides to try to get his attention, that is the first step in seducing a man. Annabelle then places a question out to her faithful readers, to help her seduce a certain (nodcock) who is clueless that she is madly in love with him, and how to get him to love her in return. So she decides to take her readers and her fellow writing girls advice, and be more bold than she has ever been. Derek’s life is the newspaper, after receiving his inheritance from his father, he decided to make something for himself. The London Weekly is his wife of sorts, he hasn’t had any interest in women until he starts to notice changes in Annabelle, who is blossoming and become more beautiful and vibrant. Derek at first doesn’t make anything out of it, but when he starts to see her pursuing other men, he gets green with jealousy, even though he is supposed to be marrying another woman soon to save his paper. Derek just doesn’t know which he loves more his business or the woman who has sneaked her way into his heart.

My Thoughts 
I can’t believe how much I have just LOVED this series. I was so thrilled to read Annabelle and Derek’s story. After seeing in the past books, how much Annabelle loves Derek, despite his underhanded work when it comes to his precious paper. I just love it when I can read a series from beginning to end, and not starting middle way through. It was great to see all of the characters develop as you go along through each of the installments. Seducing Mr. Knightly is the last in the series, and I would put it as my favorite or closely tied with The Tattooed Duke. I can’t believe how much I just loved this one, A page turner all the way through.

This story is basically what the title states, Annabelle is sick of waiting for Derek to notice her. All Derek sees in his life is sentences and paragraphs and columns of his paper. Everything else in his life becomes secondary. So determined to get her man, Annabelle, goes out to seduce him, only that is harder than it looks. Annabelle, isn’t more meek and not very bold, but it was great to see the change in her. It was such fun to see the lengths that she goes to, in trying to get Derek to notice her. I did love how she asks her readers to give her advice in seducing him. She doesn’t give out the real identity on who the (nodcock is? and I just love that term…because Derek in all honesty is a Nodcock through and through (he is a man after all, and doesn’t take any hints, you have to be very daring with him). Derek is courting another woman, so that scandal doesn’t get attached to his newspaper. He is willing to marry a woman that he doesn’t love in any way and who doesn’t love him. But he is determined to do everything he can to save his life’s work. Annabelle doesn’t let this discourage her too much, and starts to take more drastic measures, and some of the things she does to get him to notice her, are pure entertainment. I can’t count how many times I was laughing my butt off!!

Derek Knightly, I have always liked, even if he is a bit will take really drastic measures for his newspaper. We see a different side to Derek in this book, we see the human side of him–that he isn’t cold in any way, he just protects his heart. I really loved him as the hero in the story, and I found him to be perfect for Annabelle. In the beginning, he is a bit “Blonde” and you would have to knock him over the head with a statue to get his attention, but eventually he catches on and then sparks really fly between Derek and Annabelle. Annabelle is just a sweet and charming heroine, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She sacrifices all that she is for a family that could care less about her (she is a version of Cinderella in a way). It was great seeing her change into a woman that is daring and takes risks. There is such a strong and vital connection between Derek and Annabelle, and the story only gets better the more you read.

I found Seducing Mr. Knightly to be SENSATIONAL!!! I had heard so many good things about this book, so I knew I would be in for a good time. There were so many things that I truly admired about this couple. I love the schemes and little daring acts that Annabelle goes to try to seduce Derek. It was pretty humorous how he just didn’t ever get what she was trying to do, even though it was pretty obvious to everyone else. There is such powerful emotions displayed in the story, with clever characters, and a passion filled story that will capture your attention until you have finished with it. There is plenty of drama and romance and a sense of play at times. You are in for a delightful story! A Keeper of a story!!

First Line 
Some things are simply true: the earth rotates around the sun, Monday follows Sunday, and Miss Annabelle Swift loves Mr. Derek Knightly with a passion and purity that would be breathtaking were it not for one other simple truth–Mr. Derek Knightly pays no attention to Miss Annabelle Swift. 

Favorite Quote 
And then he kissed her. 
Knightly. Kissing. Her.
She felt sparks, she felt fireworks. Her first kiss. A Once in a lifetime kiss. With the man she loved. 
She had waited for this. She had fought for this. She earned this. She was going to enjoy every exquisite second of it. 

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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