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Book Review-Return To Clan Sinclair

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

Book Review-Return To Clan SinclairReturn to Clan Sinclair by Karen Ranney
Also in this series: The Witch of Clan Sinclair, The Virgin of Clan Sinclair
Series: Clan Sinclair #3.5
Published by Avon Impulse on December 23rd 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 192
ISBN: 0062337459

When Ceana Sinclair Mead married the youngest son of an Irish duke, she never dreamed that seven years later her beloved Peter would die. Her three brothers-in-law think she should be grateful to remain a proper widow. But after three years of this, she's ready to scream. She escapes to Scotland, only to discover she's so much more than just the Widow Mead.
In Scotland, Ceana crosses paths with Bruce Preston, an American tasked with a dangerous mission by her brother, Macrath. Bruce is too attractive for her peace of mind, but she still finds him fascinating. Their one night together is more wonderful than Ceana could have imagined, and she has never felt more alive.
But when the past reaches out in the form of an old foe, Ceana's life is in danger. Now Bruce must fight to become her savior—and more—if she'll let him.

My Review

Many of you know how much I just adore this author, She has always been a favorite, and she writes incredible historical romances, and Return To Clan Sinclair is a novella in her latest series “Clan Sinclair”. Now this story is about Ceana, who (if you are familiar with the previous installments, she is the sister to Macrath Sinclair. Ceana, is a widow, has two daughters, and for three years has to be stifled by her inlaws who just want to smother her in the over protectiveness. So desperate for some fresh air, she leaves her daughters in their care, and goes to her brother’s estate, and meets a man she didn’t expect, a man that makes her feel alive for the first time in three years. But they find out that a danger from her family’s past, has come to haunt them and her life will be put at risk, and only Bruce can save her…but will he make it to her in time…

What a fun and short story…I either love novella’s or hate them, depending on who is writing them, but I really liked this one. I felt like it was pretty well balanced for how short it was. We also get to see Macrath and Virginia and their precocious children (oh my goodness…they are too adorable for words, I just want to eat them up..giggle). Now with it being a novella, it is challenging to get the love story to be full depth, and it wasn’t as deep as I like it to be, but I felt like this story was really romatnic and likeable, and didn’t leave a feeling of being too rushed at all!! I will say though, that this was a cute pair together. They had a charm to them, and with the highland setting, the wit and engaging story line…you won’t help but find yourself captured in the “Ranney” style. SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!

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