Book Review-One Night Is Never Enough

Book Review-One Night Is Never EnoughOne Night Is Never Enough by Anne Mallory
Also in this series: Seven Secrets of Seduction
Series: Secrets #2
Published by Avon on February 22nd 2011
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 372
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0062017306
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

From the first glimpse he knew he must have her—even if only for a single night.Powerful, ruthless, seductive—the lord of London's underworld—Roman Merrick gets anything he wants...and he burns for Charlotte Chatsworth, a polished jewel in the glittering ton. So he engages her debt-ridden gambler father in a game of chance, wagering ten thousand pounds against one night with the man's exquisite daughter. And Roman Merrick never loses. But one night is never enough.Charlotte is devastated to learn that her reprobate father has lost her in a card game to the most dangerous man she's ever met. With the threat of ruin behind every corner, Charlotte embarks upon a perilous path with the man she cannot forget. But in truth, it's Roman who has everything to lose—for a game undertaken for pleasure alone soon has him gambling his heart. And love and passion unleashed could bring his great, dark empire tumbling down.

My Review
When Charlotte, accompanied by her maid, comes across Roman Merrick, she feels as if the earth as titled underneath her very own feet. He is dangerous and mysterious and she feels like he can see right through her to her soul. When her father loses to a card game, she is shocked to discover that her father gave her up for one night to the winner of the game. Charlotte is furious with her father but she also knows she must go and get it over with. When she arrives at her destination that evening, she is stunned when she finds out the man she is to spend her night with is none other than Roman Merrick. What surprises her most is that something within the deepest part of her awakens, not only a sensual desire, but a powerful love that makes her want to keep him in her life.  Charlotte knows that their worlds are so far apart, she doesn’t know if they could have a future together. She also is afraid of being hurt, she knows that all she wants is to hold Roman in her arms and hold him forever…

The Hero ( Roman Merrick)
Roman hasn’t had the best, and has had to prove himself and make a life for himself. Roman lost his parents at the age of ten, due to a deadly disease that caused many deaths in London. Left alone, an orphan, with no home to call his own, or even family to speak of; he spends his days among the alleyways of London, where he meets Andreas, who becomes his adopted brother. Together they have built up a life that is very profitable, but has created some enemies for both of them. When he starts to court Charlotte and begin his game of seduction he never expected it to be a battle over the heart. Roman never thought that his past or current dealings would put her in danger.

The Heroine (Charlotte Chatsworth)
All of her life Charlotte has had to protect both herself, her sister and even her mother from her fathers dangerous addiction to gambling. She knows what needs to be done. Charlotte understands the need to find a respectable man to marry, someone that is financially stable enough to support herself and her sister and her mother. She knows how dangerous her father is, and how addicted he is to gambling, and knows the best thing is to preserve the best future possible for herself and those that she loves. So when she meets Roman she feels like she has been tossed into the whirlwind of desire and passion. She senses how dangerous he is, but he also has a heart that he keeps hidden from everyone. She knows that she deeply cares for him, and wonders if she can make the right choice : duty or love?

My Thoughts 
One Night Is Never Enough is the second in the Secrets series by Anne Mallory. Now I am not sure if I have ever read from this author before now. I want to say I have, but if I had it would have been many years ago. So I am still unsure, but I am curious as to why I haven’t read more from her. She is fantastic. I loved every moment of this, I felt like I was totally involved in the story and it was so enthralling at some points it was a challenge to put it down. I read it within a day easily, and I just fell in love with this captivating tale of sensual passion and a tender love that could just break your heart. Merrick is such a dangerous hero, he doesn’t apologize for anything and from the beginning we see that once he wants Charlotte, he does everything to secure her. He has no regrets and I loved seeing such a bold hero, never afraid of anything. Charlotte is a fighter, she doesn’t cower in fear when she is suppose to spend a night with a stranger. She has no idea who he is and what will happen, and just boldly goes in, with courage and zest and doesn’t hold anything back. Frankly what happens that night really surprised me in a way. I never expected that certain outcome, but was definitely pleased and heart warmed to see such a strong hero be so tender and caring toward Charlotte. I just loved the way these two sparked and sizzled toward each other. It was such fun seeing them interact. The descriptions in the story weren’t too bad, definitely made me almost feel like it was real. I did feel like there was a strong plot that takes the reader on a wild adventure. I was totally have a jolly good time from the first page to the last page. There was such a fresh and invigorating appeal to this story that had me charmed all the way through. A Page turner that will make you feel like you are falling in love for the very first time. A True Masterpiece!!! Definitely a must read for any who loved a sensual and adventurous love story.

The First Line 
She needed to slow down. 

My Favorite Quotes
“I’m going to possess you, Charlotte,”
His free hand caressed the flesh of her throat, then threaded into the hair at her nape, pulling the strands there, tipping her head back. Not harshly, but not gently either. “I;m going to take you and claim you and make you beg.”
His lips were breaths from hers. Breaths she couldn’t count or take.
“The question is, will you passively accept such, or will you possess me right back,” he whispered, nearly against her lips. “Take me, claim me? Make me beg? Push from my mind any though that isn’t you?”

About Anne Mallory

I’ve always considered myself a creator, so transitioning to writer was not as grueling as it might have been. From creating two minute stories for people on the street, to creating jewelry, crafts, stained glass, pottery, music, crazy art projects… the list of things I like to create (and buy all the necessary materials for) keeps getting longer amidst my family’s exasperated groans. I love to start something from scratch, and then mold and shape it into a finished project. Writing books provides a challenge I accept with relish (and a bit of hair pulling). Building a world, populating it with characters and giving them a script and satisfying ending - what more could a creative type ask for?

I’ve always loved romance novels, ever since I started sneaking them from my Mom in elementary school. I mean, what’s not to love? Rakish men and smart, feisty women, adventure and mystery, the love and loyalty between two people. Give me a roomful of romances, some Agatha Christie, some Edgar Allan Poe, the Harry Potter series and an armful of other fantasy novels, (and steady meals with chocolate) and I’m in heaven.

And heaven is what I consider a particular cottage on an inland lake in northern Michigan

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