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Book Review-Lachlan by D. B. Reynolds

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Book Review-Lachlan by D. B. Reynolds

I received this book for free from ImaJinn Books in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Lachlan by D. B. ReynoldsLachlan: Vampires in Europe by D.B. Reynolds
Also in this series: Aden, Raphael, Jabril, Rajmund, Sophia, Duncan, Lucas
Series: Vampires In America #13
Published by ImaJinn Books on April 26, 2019
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 276
Format: eARC
Source: ImaJinn Books
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Scotland—sweeping forests, tumbling waterfalls. . .and towering highlands where vampire warriors have ruled for centuries.

Lethal and charismatic, vampire Lachlan McRae woke on his first night to death and devastation—his clan slaughtered, his fortress destroyed. One hundred and fifty years later, driven to avenge the murder of everyone he loved, he’s ready to hunt down and kill the one vampire who was behind it all—Erskine Ross, the Vampire Lord of Scotland.

Beautiful, smart, and cool under pressure, Julia Harper is determined to prove she’s more than a child of wealth and privilege. When a lifelong friend is murdered by vampires, she steps out of her role as an analyst for the CIA, and sets out to take down one of the most powerful men in Scotland—the deadly Erskine Ross.

Recruited by a friend to arrange contact between Lachlan and her best friend Cyn’s mate, the powerful Vampire Lord Raphael, Julia soon discovers that she and Lachlan want the same thing . . . Erskine’s death. But when Erskine sets out to kill Julia instead, she and Lachlan find themselves fighting for her life, and for a love that neither one of them can trust.

Lachlan is the most recent addition in the Vampires in America series. We have had a blast seeing the vampires become united in the United States and Canada. Now we have seen a story set in Ireland and so what is up NEXT??? Well, one of my favorite countries in the world—SCOTLAND!! When I saw an opportunity to read and review this book, I just had to grab it up. I have soaked up this series like a sponge and I just can’t get enough of this series. I didn’t even read the blurb before picking up this book, that is how much I knew that I would like this book and YEP I had such a fun time with this latest addition and really love seeing the growth in this series so far.

Our story begins with our hero, Lachlan Macrae, where we see him in the beginning when he was born a vampire and he lost most of the members of his clan by a vampire who rose to power and the vampire that now controls all of Scotland’s vampires. Lachlan knew that he wasn’t powerful enough to defeat him at the time, but Lachlan has spent years gathering strength to take down his nemesis. But then he runs into a woman who wants revenge just as much as he does. Julia Harper may have been born with wealth and money, but she has devoted herself to working for the CIA. But when her closest friend is murdered, she is determined to hunt down the man responsible which leads her to a partnership with Lachlan, a powerful vampire who apparently she has the hots for….NOT a good combination. Their journey is one full of danger, mystery, and hot passion.

Lachlan was a fantastic addition to this edgy series that D.B. Reynolds has written and for any vampire romance lovers out there, this is definitely a series for you to try out. I have so much love for these books…great alpha males and their women partners who are their match in every way. Not only have these books delivered in well-written stories, but through out the growth of the series we have seen the development of the world building with each book and I am loving seeing the series take on some new countries and settings. I really felt like she handled the Scottish setting so well and boy I need a LACHLAN of my own because dang he is delicious enough to eat. What I really loved the most about it is how much he respects our heroine. I love the way he supports her even when it puts her life in danger. You see that he wants to protect her so much but at the same time he knows that she has her own strengths and capabilities and her own need for vengeance. Love seeing them work together and find their own path. Their journey isn’t an easy one though and boy they definitely will put you through the wringer with plenty of laughs along the way too.

She’d waited until she was dating a vampire to do the whole cuddle routine. And dating? Was that what they were doing? Not much dating going on so far. It was more of a business agreement with benefits. Although it felt like more, damn it.

We also get to see a unique side to Raphael and Cyn. We only get a small scene with these two, but boy I swear they are one of my favorite couples and they really have such strength even after all this time. And Yes the way that Raphael treats Lachlan is pretty hilarious….all the manly posturing is pretty hilarious.

We see great strength and growth from our couple….both individually and especially in their relationship. As they begin their journey to revenge against their enemy, their relationship takes new heights. I do want to mention that this book does bring two kick-ass characters together so you just know that sparks are going to fly in this one. This is probably more of a slow burn but NOT slow lust. There is definitely sexual tension to the highest degree, but the emotional intimacy takes quite a bit longer to build. It does make sense for their relationship since they both view it as temporary and don’t let their emotions get too involves but eventually it builds into something stronger for both of them.

Overall I found Lachlan is a stunning display of adventure in the Scottish land, packed with kick ass laughter, stunning thrills and guaranteed to give you all the tingles!!! SEXUAL TENSION PACKED GEM!!


About D.B. Reynolds

D.B.Reynolds is the award-winning author of the popular Vampires in America series, as well as other paranormal fiction. She lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she's not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else's.

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