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Book Review-In The Night

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Book Review-In The NightIn The Night by Kathryn Smith
Published by Zondervan on October 13th 2009
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback

An experienced thief, Wynthrope Ryland is no stranger to beautiful women—or to relieving them of their most valued possessions. But this life of crime is not one he chose for himself, and just when he thinks he has put that world behind him, he is forced to return, to protect the career and family of his brother, North.Moira Tyndale, a stately viscountess, is his target for this final assignment. But he cannot get close to her without feeling some powerful connection between them. At first he pushes the attraction aside, but as she gives him more and more trust and understanding, Wyn realises he cannot ignore their passion. He knows he must protect her secrets and her past, but he cannot protect her from himself. How can he choose between his heart's desire and his brother's safety?

Moira Tyndale, grew up in a home where her actions were always judged and criticized. So she married a man out of convenience to get away from her family, especially her mother. In her marriage, they never consummated, but then her husband died and she became a widow. A couple years later when her Minnie, is in town for the season, Moira is her chaperone. At a ball one evening, she meets Wynthrope Ryland who asks her sister to dance, and Moira knowing how much older he is from Minnie, she that he can’t. However Moira is shocked when he asks her to dance. Moira who is beautiful, sweet, has always had a low opinion of herself due to her families criticism of her. So she tells him “no” thinking that he just wanted to use her to get to her sister. But from the moment that Wynthrope enters Moira life, she knows that she will never be the same, for there is something too different about him. Wynthrope at first was planning on asking Minnie to dance, but upon meeting her sister Moira he is utterly mesmerized by her. He yearns to get to know her better, and when she returns his affections, thus starts their courtship. For a time Wynthrope is thinking that everything is going well, and he has finally found someone to spend his life with. But then his past comes back to haunt his present. His former boss threatens him that will harm his brothers and will harm Moira, if he doesn’t steal a tiara that belongs to no other than his precious Moira. He has no idea, what to do, since he doesn’t know how to steal something and not have Moira find out, and he is fearing losing her, since she is his salvation and his love.

I really enjoyed reading In The Night, it had a mysterious aurora about it, that just compelled me to read it. I loved how throughout this book, you see both the characters grow and change into something so better than before due to them falling in love. Moira has very low self esteem, and thinks that she isn’t beautiful or desirable in any way. Once she meets Wynthrope that starts to change. We see her change into a beautiful beautiful from the inside out. Wynthrope is one of those that doesn’t think he will ever find a woman that could ever love him for who he is. He was a thief in his past, although at first he was thinking he was working as a spy for the British Government. However, he doesn’t know how to prevent his family and the one that he loves from getting hurt if he doesn’t hurt Moira in the process by stealing her tiara. Kathryn Smith takes the reader on a journey of learning to love and trust, and how loving someone can give you the strength to overcome any challenge no matter how great or small. It was truly a satisfying and invigorating read that kept me turning the pages, and I couldn’t put it down.

About Kathryn Smith

In a little over a month, my last book with Avon will be released. When Tempting a Rogue is Trystan's book, and I hope you all enjoy it. This means that Archer will not be getting a book of his own. I'm sad, but it's out of my hands. WTaR is also my last book as Kathryn Smith.

Talk about dropping a bomb, right? lol.

Not to worry. I'm still writing. In fact I'm busier than ever right now. On May 31st my Steampunk Young Adult novel 'The Girl in the Steel Corset' will be released under the name of Kady Cross. I'm so nervous and excited about this it's not funny.

Then, I will have Steampunk romance out next year from Signet Eclipse. I'll be writing those under the name Kate Cross. Those of you who enjoyed my historicals should like these as well. Also, my vampire fans should enjoy my 'extraordinary' heroes and heroines.

Speaking of vampires, I've also sold a new series to another publisher. I don't want to say too much because nothing's been signed, but it will have vampires, werewolves, goblins and corsets. Did I mention they're present day and set in an alternate England where WWII never happened, and a certain long-lived monarch is STILL on the throne? I'm having such fun with this new series! Right now the plan is to release these books under the name Kate Locke.

So you see, I'll have plenty of books for you to read, no matter what your preference. There will simply be another name on the cover. Just keep an eye on my Kathryn-Smith.com website (which will be updated soon) for more info. Eventually that website will forward to the Kate Cross site, but you'll still be able to find out the news about all my many names.

And now I return you to your reading!

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