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Book Review-Highlander Ever After

by | May 20, 2010 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

Book Review-Highlander Ever AfterHighlander Ever After by Jennifer Ashley
Published by Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated on January 1st 2011
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 323
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-8439-6004-3
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Egan MacDonald was the one person Princess Zarabeth couldn't read. Yet even without being able hear his thoughts, she knew he was the most honorable, infuriating, and deliciously handsome man she'd ever met. And now her life was in his hands. Chased out of her native country by bitter betrayal and a bevy of assassins, Zarabeth found refuge at the remote MacDonald castle and a haven in Egan's embrace. She also found an ancient curse, a matchmaking nephew, a pair of debutants eager to drag her protector to the altar, and dark secrets in Egan's past. But even amid all the danger raged a desire too powerful to be denied.

Princess Zarabeth is a psychic, and she can read what other people think. However her life is in danger, so her cousin Prince Damien sends her to Egan MacDonald who can protect her. Zarabeth has been in love with Egan since she was in her teens. He has always been able to understand her more than anyone, and he is the only one that she can’t read. When she comes to the MacDonald Castle, they start to get to know each once more. Even though her life is in terrible danger, and her father is doing everything he can to help her divorce her husband and protect her. Egan doesn’t know what to do with Zarabeth in his life again. He knows he has to protect her at all costs, but at the same time there is a curse on his castle that everyone but him is convinced is real. His sister is trying to get him married off to debutants when he has no desire to get married or have heirs. He is more than happy to let his cousin take over and be his heir. Even though he has to protect Zarabeth, he finds himself falling for her all over again. Despite the sensual desire that develops between them, there is a danger that may destroy everything.

Its been a while since I have read any books from this series. But this is the first that I have read this book, its the third in the series. I enjoyed this one thoroughly, and it was filled with what I definitely love in a good solid romance. I loved how the story flowed so smoothly, and I couldn’t get enough of it!! I just wanted it to go on forever, it was such a genuinely well written story that had me utterly captivated until the very end. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

About Jennifer Ashley

NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical and paranormal romance and historical mysteries, as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner.

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