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Book Review-From Kiss To Queen by Janet Chapman

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Book Reviews | 6 comments

Book Review-From Kiss To Queen by Janet Chapman

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-From Kiss To Queen by Janet ChapmanFrom Kiss to Queen by Janet Chapman
Published by Jove on July 5th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 416
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
ISBN: 0515155195
AmazonLibrary Thing

A new romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the Spellbound Falls novels...Jane Abbott knows that she's nobody special, so instead of looking for romance she's hunting partridge in the Maine woods when a plane crashes into a nearby pond. Diving in to save the pilot, Jane instinctively gives him air by way of a lifesaving kiss, and leads him to safety through a barrage of gunfire. 
The handsome stranger returns the favor by kidnapping her.
Clearly no ordinary man, and insisting Jane's life is in danger, Mark spirits his stubborn guardian angel to an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean. Only then does she discover that the mysterious Mark is actually Prince Markov Lakeland. 
Soon to be crowned king of the young country of Shelikova, can Mark persuade Jane that she has what it takes to be his queen?

My Review Updated


Jane Abbot has always thought of herself as less than average, no one of importance, just a normal human being. While in Maine, out hunting in the woods a plane is shot down and she saves the life of a mysterious man, Mark. A man who has enemies, is injured and needs his guardian angel. While on the run and hiding from his enemies, Jane and Mark help each other to safety. Mark is a prince, the heir to the throne and he has enemies due to certain politics of his country. While out in America, on a mission for his country and himself, he is being hunted down. He knows he can’t leave Jane to suffer a worst fate, and leave her in the states. So he does what any man would do, put her over his shoulder for her own protection. Jane is spirited and has her own mind but not when it comes to safety. She learns the true identity of Mark, and that he wants her and not just for one night but for forever. But Jane is stubborn and strong willed and will fight him every step of the way….because she doesn’t she how she could be worthy of Mark or the title “Queen”. But love has a way of changing views and theories about ones self.

The Hero

Mark, is the heir and oldest of four boys from his father. His mother passed away five years previous, and with his father’s health in a dangerous position, he is named successor to their small but richly cultured country. Mark does what needs to be done, he makes friends and enemies along the way. He was sent to the states, to find a wife just life his father fell in love with an American woman and became a great queen. What Mark doesn’t expect is to find his future queen to be his guardian angel and a pain in his backside. She is wild and untamed and doesn’t obey any command he gives her. Mark is used to having his own way, and being obeyed in all things. I loved this hero to pieces, he may seem a bit overbearing at times, but I don’t blame him. He has a alpha type personality, so he is bound to have a few rough edges. What makes this hero so wonderful is the way he learns to adapt to new situations and still be kind and considerate when he needs to be. He isn’t an ass, or rude (most of the time), he likes to take charge but he also is mindful and very respectful of others. I liked his well rounded personality and he made the perfect match for the heroine here.

The Heroine

Jane Abbot doesn’t know where she truly comes from. She was abandoned at birth, suffered an ankle injury when she was a child and has suffered from a limp ever since. She was raised by nuns (hence the last name), then adopted by a family in Spellbound Falls. She loves the wilds and peace of Maine, she lives to hunt with her trusty rifle at her side. Jane is very unconventional and I liked that about her. She has low self esteem in some areas but she was so real in this story. I definitely could relate with her on many fronts. She loves to help others and when there are men or women in need, she is the first person to step up and help or bring about change. She takes on the roles that come at her with flying colors. She doens’t believe she is Queen material, but she handles the role so perfectly. She wins over Mark and his delightful family, and the people of their country fall in line. What makes this heroine so easy to relate with is her compassion and sweet but very independent nature.

Plot and Story Line

From Kiss To Queen is the first in a new series from Janet Chapman. Although, this series is loosely connected to her Spellbound Falls series. I will admit that I was a bit nervous about this one before picking it up. Because the past few books I have read from Chapman, were as engaging and didn’t seem to have her writing voice that I once fell in love with. But BAM—-that has totally changed folks. I just couldn’t put this one down, I fell in love with every moment and adventure these two go on. The first half is a bit of a “on the road” type theme. I really liked how in the beginning Jane is the lifesaver of the story. She rescues our hero and for a while, since he is injured she takes charge and I LOVED that. Despite her inner reservation about her self esteem, she still has confidence and courage. She has a gun or should I say a arsenal of guns and she isn’t afraid of using them hehe Now our hero, is pure alpha male but not an ass or a jerk….he definitely has some many good moments. But when Jane gets a bit too stubborn or risks herself he takes charge of her when he needs to. These two have fireworks and their bantering is hilarious!!! When Jane realizes the truth of Mark and who he is and what he wants from her…well she definitely has a temper. But I like how she admits her mistakes. Now Mark’s family is simply fantastic!!! They totally rocked in this story. They immediately take to Jane and fall in love with her. Part of it is due to the fact that she is very similar to their mother. Mark’s father is a rascal and a charmer. The brothers….well they are quite charming and just like their father in many ways. We also get hints for the next book which involves Mark’s friend (who helps Jane in the story) and Jane’s best friend from Spellbound Falls. (which I am SUPER excited about) I think I loved the way these two fall in love with each other, and the character growth we see most especially in Jane’s character. Quite fun with this new set of characters and I am eager to see what awaits us in the future with this new series of Chapman’s.

The Cover

What a cute and picturesque cover this is!! I love this beautiful woodsy backdrop,

Overall View

From Kiss To Queen is a story you don’t want to miss out, whether your an old favorite of this author or brand new—this is a book for you!! Its charming, adventurous, and packed with laughs and fun times!!

About The Author Updated

About Janet Chapman

Janet Chapman is the author of twenty-two contemporary and magical romance novels, all of which are set in her beautiful state of Maine. She lives in a cozy log home on a beautiful lake with her husband, surrounded by an eclectic assortment of wildlife that she finds both entertaining and inspiring. Probably best known for her Highlander Series (a saga of twelfth century warriors rebuilding their clans in modern-day Maine that now spans three generations), Janet also has two spin-off magical series (Midnight Bay & Spellbound Falls) and several contemporary family series set on the coast and in the mountains. With over three million books printed in six languages, her stories regularly appear on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller’s lists.

When she’s not writing (well, when she should to be writing but isn’t), Janet and her husband are traveling the state in their camper throughout all four seasons; hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and generally rubbing elbows with Mother Nature while always keeping an eye out for colorful new characters—human and beast—to put in her stories.

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  1. Lola

    I really like this cover with the cute dogs on it and pretty nature background. Jane sounds like an interesting character with how she saves than man his life. And that sounds nice with how the hero is kind even while he likes to take charge. The alpha type personalities are sometimes a bit too exaggerated and I like it when they have some other traits as well. I am glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much! Great review!

  2. Blodeuedd

    That title only made me think of KISS and Queen

  3. Michele H

    Nice review! I’ve got a print copy of this and being from Maine it snagged my interest. 😉 It sounds like a good match between the compassionate heroine and the take charge alpha-type hero. Should be a solid read.

  4. Ann Lorz

    I have this one on my list to buy. I’m glad you let us know it was the first in a new series. I was wondering about that. I really enjoy her books but will admit to being behind on them.

  5. Eva

    Great review! I’ve wanted to read this one since you posted about it awhile ago — glad that it was engaging and you had success with this author again!


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