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Book Review-Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly Jenkins

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Book Review-Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly JenkinsDestiny's Embrace by Beverly Jenkins
Also in this series: Destiny's Captive, Destiny's Surrender
Series: Destiny #1
Published by Avon on January 29th 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Interracial Romance, American West
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0062032658

Starting a new life in California, headstrong Mariah Cooper is hired as a housekeeper at Destiny, the Yates family ranch, where she meets her match in Logan Yates who is torn between sending her home and giving in to his heart's desire.


Mariah Cooper has worked in her mothers dress shop for most of her life. But she now has the opportunity to leave a place of hard labor and abuse and make a new life for herself. So at the urging of her aunt, she heads out west to California to work as a housekeeper on a family made ranch, and her boss is the handsome and conceited Logan Yates. Logan Yates, is the oldest of the three brothers, and running the family ranch is a part of who he is. He keeps the ranch running smoothing and training horses, and trying to keep out of his mothers interfering matchmaking ways…that is until his beautiful and fiery housekeeper came and started steamrolling into his life and changing his nice life he had gotten used to. But he can’t resist her beauty or her passionate nature, but will he win her over before the other eligible men in the area take her before he can.

The Hero 

Logan Yates, is the oldest of three boys, and responsiblity has always been heavy on his shoulders. His father passed away when he was young, and it was up to him and his step mother to save it before they lost everything. It took sheer will and every intelligence he had to keep the land his father worked so hard for. Logan is used to taking charge and running things, but he gets a surprise with Mariah shows on the scene, because she is his match in every way. What was so amusing about Logan is how alpha he ended up being, but Mariah is not gentle flower, and he gets dosed with a bit of humility which is very entertaining. But what  I most loved about Logan is how caring and affectionate he could be, a bit of a scoundrel, but a bit romantic at times.

The Heroine 

Mariah grew up in a home, where her mother abused her for every little wrong thing she did ever since she can remember. She has had to bear the punishment of the sins of her father, who abandoned them when her mother was pregnant with her, and her mother is very bitter and has taken it out on Mariah. Mariah has only had a little happiness in her life,thanks to her best friend. But when her aunt convinces her to take a new job and build a new life, Mariah goes, because she knows she needs a change and a fresh start, even if it means leaving the only person who has ever been good to her. But Mariah upon arriving in California begins to change from a timid and shy woman, to taking control and action. What I grew to love most about Mariah is seeing her change from being shy to bold and standing up to Logan. Especially when you see how much she is abused at the beginning of the story, and until the end I fell in love with this heroine and seeing the inner strength shine through.

Plot and Story Line 

Desiny’s Embrace is the first book in the Destiny trilogy. This is a trilogy based on the three Yates Brothers. I recently read the third book and I loved it so much I knew I needed to read the other two brothers. This is an author I have loved ever since I started reading romance, in fact she is one of those first authors I read that got me hooked, and she is very talented on interracial romances, she has a beautiful way of weaving love stories that win the reader over instantly. In this book we have quite a whopper of a romance. What was most entertaining was seeing these two go at it, These are equally matched in tempers and tend to go half cocked at times, both stubborn and passionate about what they believe in, and I loved the quick witted bantering and seeing these two fall for each other. It’s techinically a angst romance, but it has a bit more lighter tone to it than the typical angst romance. The supporting characters in the story added some fun to the story as well. And we do get to meet the brothers and I just cheered for Mariah at the end there…don’t want to spoil anything, but she really came through.

The Cover 

I do love covers as this one, reminds me of the older style a bit, I love the pose here and the colors in the background. A nice romantic setting.

Overall View 

Destiny’s Embrace is a heartwarming romance that brings together a equally matched pair in every way. A story to endear you to these endearing characters that can make you laugh and cry. A guaranteed PAGE TURNER!!

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