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Book Review-Dark Pleasures by Aja James

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Book Reviews | 1 comment

Book Review-Dark Pleasures by Aja James

Book Review-Dark Pleasures by Aja JamesDark Pleasures by Aja James
Also in this series: Pure Healing, Dark Longing, Dark Desires
Series: Pure/Dark Ones #4
Published by Self Published on June 15, 2018
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Devlin Sinclair, the New England Dark Ones’ Hunter, is on a mission to track down the elusive and mysterious Medusa, perhaps the ultimate nemesis the Pure and Dark Ones have been battling in recent years.
But he can’t do it alone.
Grace Darling has isolated herself from the world since a very young age, after her parents’ death and because of her own social disability. Awkward and brilliant, a born sensualist, Grace agrees to a blind date that changes the course of Destiny. She has the skills he needs.
Their chemistry is off the charts, but will she, can she, give him the love he craves?

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Dark Pleasures is the fourth installment in the Pure-Dark One’s Series and I have become so impressed with these books. I don’t know what it is about this author, but she keeps stunning me with her books and they are such fast and quick reads, I was so surprised at how fast I was breezing through this one. Even though this one wasn’t my favorite and most of that has to do with the trope that comes into play with this one here. I really don’t care for the casual sex/fling type of setup in romances, but Aja James still makes it work in some unique ways. Now the fun element of this series is that I don’t even NEED to read the blurbs because I know what is ahead will be a story that will work for me because this author’s writing is pure magic and I can’t seem to get enough. I am just trying not to splurge all at once with her books because then I will be out of books from her to read. If you are looking for a delightful mix of PNR and fantasy, then this series is your ticket….

Dark Pleasures is a sexy, unique dynamic that will fascinate your mind in charming ways that feature:

  • Devlin Sinclair-Vampire, an alpha, young for his kind, was once part of the English Aristocracy, loves deeply, and is loyal to a fault
  • Grace Darling-Autistic spectrum, logical, doesn’t care for emotion, sex guru, obsessed with tech and a hacker

Dark Pleasures is a story that begins with an arrangement between Devlin and Grace, of two weeks of sex and in return, Grace will deliver to Devlin all the secrets of the clan that they are hunting that are setting secret battling clubs around the world and are attempting to destroy them. Devlin is determined to get his hands on this information and he isn’t about to complain about two weeks of hot sex with this beautiful woman who seems oblivious to the chemistry growing between them. Grace has always been logical, she doesn’t like emotional ties and doesn’t understand the concept of affection or love. She feels comfortable with her computers and tech as they are easy to understand. But when Devlin enters her life, she doesn’t comprehend these feelings she is having for him and she doesn’t really even like these feelings that are bringing the conflict to her. But while on their journey, Grace may have to come to terms with these new emotions that are drawing her into a relationship she never imagined was possible for her…

In an inner voice she’d never heard before, that part of her shouted Take him! Lock him up somewhere and throw away the key! He’s the answer to all of life’s questions. Your life. Your questions. And the holy grail of puzzles that you will never solve but take endless pleasure in trying.

Dark Pleasures was such a different type of read than I was actually expecting. But then I am coming to expect the unexpected when it comes to Aja James. I don’t think I have ever read an author that keeps me on my toes as this one does and I do love reading this subgenre quite a bit. I will say that this book while it didn’t reach a top rating from me, I still quite enjoyed the book. I didn’t understand Grace that much and couldn’t connect with her. But I do think she is more on the autistic spectrum, I could be wrong of course, but she just seemed to fit the spectrum from what I know. And I really liked this aspect of a character so withdrawn from the emotional range of human aspects. She is almost like a child in discovering the emotion that Devlin brings out within her. In fact, her character was quite funny in the dilemma she has to face. And Devlin is so patient with her, like seriously, he has the patience of a saint and I found that is what our heroine truly needed. What she is growing into, is taking time and Devlin is willing to give that to her even when it hurts him at times. Now our hero was delicious. I really liked his depths and all the pain he has suffered. We do see some flashbacks but it’s more to see why he struggles with his past. Many of you know how much I despise flashbacks, but in this one, it was just a couple of times and it was brief, so it definitely worked for me. The romance that develops between these two is really beautiful in small ways. It’s the moments when they aren’t sure what is heading ahead for them, that create the deepest dynamics. The way that this author just pulls you so into their journey and seeing them embrace the growths in such a loveable way is such an experience.

“You slay me,” he rasped, his beautiful smile at odds with the violence of his words. “I love you,” she said, staring unblinkingly into his eyes. “This is how I love.” His breath hitched and his smile spread wider, his sapphire blue eyes incandescent with joy. “Then slay me again, my darling Grace,” he entreated, nuzzling her throat, scratching the tender skin there with his fangs. And she did. Always.

Overall I found Dark Pleasures to be a journey of depths, mysteries, and characters that will gravitate you further into their realm of self-discovery and ability in embracing their fate….its simply a ride you won’t want to let go of …..get ready for a tumble to thrill you from head to toe….

No other’s blood would satisfy him now. Perhaps his basic needs for survival, but not the needs of his heart, body, mind and soul. Her blood changed him, as surely as if her red blood cells carrying the unique coding of her DNA had infused and combined and metamorphosed with his, awakening a part of him that had always lain dormant, a part that clamored to claim her as: Mine.

About Aja James

Hello readers!

This is Aja (pronounced Asia). Welcome to my site!

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I’ve been writing stories since the age of six, and novels since the age of thirteen. Can’t say that those early efforts were particularly good, but I sure loved putting them down on paper! And whether I document them or not, stories are forever forming and expanding and interconnecting in my head.

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