Book Review-Dark Desires by Aja James

Book Review-Dark Desires by Aja James

Book Review-Dark Desires by Aja JamesDark Desires by Aja James
Also in this series: Pure Healing, Dark Longing, Dark Pleasures
Series: Pure/Dark Ones #3
Published by Self Published By Author on April 5, 2018
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 313
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Ryu Takamura is the Dark Ones’ Assassin. He has never missed his target…until now. Until her.
Ava Monroe is a talented geneticist who holds the key to the vampire race’s future…and perhaps her own as well.
Their attraction is explosive from the first. She would do anything to have him. He would sacrifice all to protect her.
But will their love triumph over seemingly impossible odds as they battle enemies new and old? Especially the demons from Ryu’s past? And deep within his heart?

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Dark Desires is a story that packs a punch and I am so loving this series and the writing quality of this author, I am really beginning to see why so many on Goodreads especially, are raving about this author here, and with each book, I am respecting this author so much more. And one of the main aspects that really shocked me in this story was the humor that was placed in this book. Because I don’t remember laughing hardly in the previous two books, but in this one, I don’t know, there was something so humorous added into the dialogue between our hero and heroine and it was utterly delightful. I was captivated from their first meeting, and the smile on my face never left my face, from the first to last page, I was highly entertained and engrossed in this tale that enticed and intrigued me with each chapter. This author is definitely giving me all of the vibes I am in the mood for this season.

Dark Desires is a thrilling, edgy yet highly lively story to set your heart afire that features:

  • Ryu Takamura -trained in the martial arts, vampire, an assassin for the Dark Ones, a “lone wolf”, believing he has half a soul and cursed.
  • Ava Monroe– Fun loving, scientist looking to cure disease, has a heart of hope and love for others. She is shy and awkward around men.

To desire was to want. To want was to expose oneself to weakness. Weakness that could be used to bring endless pain and torment. And it all began with pleasure. Pleasure was addictive. Pleasure spawned desire. Ryu felt deep in his bones that Ava Monroe was pleasure incarnate. She should wear a sign that said: “This way lies folly. Trespass at your own risk.” She was dangerous to his peace of mind. He could not afford to be distracted by her. Not when he might need to end her life.

Dark Desires is a story that starts off with our “meet cute” where Ryu and Ava first meet, which is on an airplane. And from the first moment that their eyes meet, there is instant chemistry, the type of chemistry that is beyond normal and average, it pierces deep for both Ryu and Ava. Ava is a scientist, flying to Japan to look for cures for human diseases and is human. She has never felt such sexual energy from being attracted to anyone before but she knows that Ryu is different, but she is awkward around him and clumsy and doesn’t know how to act around him. Ryu is the assassin for the Dark Ones, he was once human but turned vampire against his will and believes that he has half a soul, and his life is full of killing and death and that is all he knows until Ava. He knows that she is the key to their enemy, but he senses the same attraction and knows that Ava could be his greatest weakness if he lets her get too close. But despite her awkwardness around Ryu at first, she is determined to fight for the man she knows he is, even if he doesn’t believe he is worthy of her. She sees goodness and light within him and is determined to fight for Ryu and prove to him he is worthy of love.

I believe that if someone was stronger than others, it is his duty to share his strength, to protect the weak. Never to take advantage. No one has more right to survival than anyone else

Dark Desires was a story that BLEW MY MIND and I just wanted to see more of it. I honestly never wanted their story to end because with each chapter I was captivated by their story and their intense connection. Now, this is an instant love connection with a mix of Grumpy Sunshine and I actually really enjoyed this. Now I did think that Ava, might have fallen in love too quickly, so it definitely felt more insta lust but halfway through the story, it definitely felt so much deeper than that, and I could definitely see the feelings that go deeper than just their sexual attraction that they have to each other. This was quite an interesting dynamic actually. And their interactions with each other were so hilarious. Ava is such a dork, haha and I am saying that out of love and affection but she is. She is a bit of a science and medical geek and doesn’t know how to really react around men especially around Ryu who has a certain sexual aura about him. And Ryu well he likes to have fun with Ava and tease her about her clumsy moments around him. For example, he likes to tease her when she blurts out things she thinks she is only thinking sexually about him and I can’t tell you how entertaining it is. But ironically, it slowly helps her become more comfortable and at ease with him.

“What do you want from me?” he rasped huskily, his mouth a hair’s breadth from hers. She thought of saying something flippant or flirty, but couldn’t come up with anything but the truth: “Everything,” she whispered. A sharp indrawn breath, and then— Heaven.

Ava is a heroine that I instantly related with, there was something so sweet and soft about her character yet she has a spine of steel when it’s needed. She is a ray of sunshine, always seeing the good in others. Then we have Ryu, who is quite opposite of her. He has had a rough life, and never was raised with love or affection, and only knows fighting and death. But Ava teaches him about intimacy and love and seeing how she shows him how a relationship works is so beautiful. You see how lost Ryu is at times in dealing with Ava, but despite her lack of experience, she is eager and energetic and loves him deeply, and is willing to fight for him. One of my favorite aspects of a heroine is seeing a woman fight for her man in such an intense way. Even when Ryu reveals himself to her, while her reaction isn’t normal, I was grateful for it because it definitely fits with her personality. She is so unconditionally loving (and this is very rare in heroines actually) where she fully accepts Ryu instantly and just loves him for who he is and doesn’t want to change him. Seeing these two connect on such a deeply intimate level was such a delight. Then moving on we have the plot of the story and this really kicked booty in every way. I loved the intensity, the intrigue, the action, and seeing how some things come together that was teased in from the first book. We do get a couple from Dark Longing which was perfect, I wanted to see more of them and was happy to see them working with Ava and Ryu in this one. And the way that this story leaves off, while it definitely has a happy ending to bring you to tears, it also teases you enough to make you want to read the next book.

“You’re made just for me, Ryu Takamura. I want to claim you for my very own.”

Overall I found Dark Desires to be a read that takes you on a journey of lively delights, sparkling dialogue, and a thrilling plot to deliver in every aspect that this author is capable of and more!

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  1. I’m with Deanna, your review is what sparked my interest! I’m really happy this instalment worked so well for you, and I like the fact that the story started off with a “meet cute”, that’s usually such a ‘cute’ touch 😉 I hope you are going to have a blast with the other instalments as well!

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