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Book Review-Close To You by Kristen Proby

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Book Review-Close To You by Kristen Proby

Book Review-Close To You by Kristen ProbyClose to You by Kristen Proby
Also in this series: Forever with Me, Listen to Me, Blush for Me , The Beauty of Us , Savor You
Series: Fusion #2
Published by William Morrow Paperbacks on August 9, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Narrator: Roger Wayne, Arielle DeLisle
Length: 6 Hours and 42 Mins
Pages: 320
Format: Audiobook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0062434764
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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby comes the second novel in her sizzling Fusion series.

Camilla, “Cami,” LaRue was five years old when she first fell in love with Landon Palazzo. Everyone told her the puppy love would fade—they clearly never met Landon. When he left after graduation without a backward glance, she was heartbroken. But Cami grew up, moved on, and became part-owner of wildly popular restaurant Seduction. She has everything she could want...or so she thinks.

After spending the last 12 years as a Navy fighter pilot, Landon returns to Portland to take over the family construction business. When he catches a glimpse of little Cami LaRue, he realizes she’s not so little any more. He always had a soft spot for his little sister’s best friend, but nothing is soft now when he’s around the gorgeous restaurateur.

Landon isn’t going to pass up the chance to make the girl-next-door his. She’s never been one for romance, but he’s just the one to change her mind. Will seduction be just the name of her restaurant or will Cami let him get close enough to fulfill all her fantasies?

Close To You is the second book in the Fusion series. Close To You was a book I was looking forward to reading especially after “Listen To Me” The first book in the series. We see some sexual chemistry between Cami and Landon. These two act like they are “buddies” who grew up together, but they each love each other but haven’t told each other how they truly feel for different reasons and we finally get to see them discover what has always been beneath the surface but have been too blind to see it until now.

Cami LaRue has been in love with Landon since she was five years old, they have been friends since they were children. But Landon is a bit older than Cami and as they grew older, Landon wanted to give Cami time to settle into being an adult and let her grow and mature on her own and didn’t want their feelings to get in the way of Cami discovering herself. So he joins the Navy for twelve years, only coming back home on ocassion. But now he has suffered an injury and is having to become a civilian and is coming back home. Cami has always wanted Landon, but always felt like he didn’t feel the same way about her as she did him. She wants him to see the “real” Cami and wants more with him than just friendship.  But now Landon wants to show Cami that he wants her in his life and not just as a friend but it won’t be an easy road for Landon in convincing Cami to take a chance on him with how much he has hurt her in the past.

Close To You is a big that I really enjoyed, not quite as much as book one and in some ways this book became a disappointment in some ways. I was expecting more tension between these two and it felt too “easy” at times. I really was hoping for a bit more conflict to be resolved. It was definitely toned down from what we feel in book one. With that being said though, I truly adored this book and had a fun time with it. I loved seeing the five women together, and seeing them work on the business they have developed together. They have such a great close ties to each other and each of them bring something special to the story. In this one, our heroine, Cami, is the accountant and deals with all the financials and budgeting. She is a bit of a workaholic and we see that once Landon comes back into her life she begins to see that there is more to life than just working.

Loving you has always come as easy as breathing for me, and falling in love with you is no different. I admire you. Your strength of character. Your humor. Your intelligence. You are impressive and not a little scary, Cami.

I truly loved seeing these two come together though and seeing how much they have wanted each other for so long and finally get their chance at their HEA. It was great fun to see them get over past hurts and really come together fully. Now Cami has her reservations, and the beginning of the story….well Landon is a jerk hehe but he grovels so well so its easy to forgive. I did love seeing Landon convince Cami to give him a chance on a relationship with him. But Cami has reservations and within good reason too. I understand why she was nervous to try anything with Landon. She has made some horrible mistakes due to her feelings for Landon, she bears quite a bit of guilt especially in how she hurt her ex husband (whom she is very good friends with)

The romance that develops between Landon and Cami is so sweet and just keeps the reader happy. Its toned down but I really liked seeing these two reconnect and really become fully honest with each other. We see the reasons behind Landon treating Cami like a sister instead of the girl he has always been in love with. We find that Cami has some real reservations about Landon and doubts his ability to stay with her for the long haul. One of the things that I really liked about this story though was seeing these two being open and honest with each other and seeing their love for each other blossom in such beautiful ways.

I’ve watched you from a distance for years, caring for you, worrying about you, thinking of you… I’ve felt pulled to you my entire life… I couldn’t explain it, and I couldn’t wish it away even when I tried. You’ve never left me. I’ve carried you with me always.

Overall I found Close To You to be a lighthearted romance that will bring laughs, smiles and simply joy to the readers heart….a story not to be missed out on!!


About Kristen Proby

Kristen was born and raised in a small resort town in her beloved Montana. In her mid-twenties, she decided to stretch her wings and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she made her home for more than a dozen years.

During that time, Kristen wrote many romance novels and joined organizations such as RWA and other small writing groups. She spent countless hours in workshops, and more mornings than she can count up before the dawn so she could write before going to work. She submitted many manuscripts to agents and editors alike, but was always told no. In the summer of 2012, the self-publishing scene was new and thriving, and Kristen had one goal: to publish just one book. It was something she longed to cross off of her bucket list.

Not only did she publish one book, she’s since published close to thirty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists. She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series, and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion Series.

Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana with their two pugs and two cats.

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