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Book Review-Captured By The Laird by Margaret Mallory

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Book Reviews | 4 comments

Book Review-Captured By The Laird by Margaret Mallory

Book Review-Captured By The Laird by Margaret MalloryCaptured by a Laird by Margaret Mallory
Also in this series: Claimed by a Highlander
Series: The Douglas Legacy #1
Published by Self Published By Author on September 9th 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Medieval Era
Pages: 280
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0990759903
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THE DOUGLAS LEGACY The Douglas sisters, beauties all, are valuable pawns in their family's bitter struggle to control the Scottish Crown. But when powerful enemies threaten, each Douglas lass will find she must face them alone.
CAPTURED BY A LAIRD Haunted by his father's violent death, David Hume, the new laird of Wedderburn, sets out to make his name so feared that no one will dare harm his family again. The treacherous ally who played on his father's weakness is dead and beyond David's vengeance, but his castle and young widow are ripe for the taking. The moment David lays eyes on the dark-haired beauty defending her wee daughters, however, he knows this frail-looking lass is the one person who could bring him to his knees.
Wed at thirteen to a man who tried daily to break her spirit, Lady Alison Douglas is looking forward to a long widowhood. But when the fearsome warrior known as the Beast of Wedderburn storms her gates, she finds herself, once again, forced to wed a stranger. Alison is only a pawn to serve his vengeance, so why does this dark warrior arouse such fiery passion and an unwelcome longing in her heart?
With death and danger looming, these two wounded souls must learn to trust each other...for only love can save them.


David Hume, is determined to make a name for himself and protect the only family that he has left. The next step is securing a marriage with the lovely widow, Alison Douglas. But first he will need to convince her to marry him and prove himself. Alison is recently widowed and so grateful for it. She is protective of her two daughters that are her life. She wants to enjoy her freedom from a husband and her “responsibilities” to her family and the crown. Upon their first meeting, Alison wins David over with her protective nature toward her two daughters and he knew he was hooked.. At first Alison doesn’t want anything to do with David, but she soon realizes that her own family isn’t going to come and help her and would force her to marry someone anyway. But at least with David, she gets a sense of who he is and trusts her instincts. Even though she feels like a pawn in a chess game, she can’t deny the way David makes her feel.

The Hero

David Hume, is protective of those under him, but most especially his younger brothers who need him now more than ever. David has had to make tough choices and become the strongest warrior that he could be. He knows that he needs to build up his strength and make other fear crossing him especially in the way he lost his own father. David is a hero you can admire, he does what he feels is necessary even if its not easy. I really adored how he is with his brothers. But he is also a leader and must follow traditions. It was interesting to see how he finds a balance. I had a fun time with his character especially in the way he acts towards Alison and her daughters, quite heartwarming many times and his character put a smile on my face continually.

The Heroine

Alison Douglas had been married since she was thirteen and in a marriage that was very costly for her. The moment he died, all she wanted was to enjoy her new found freedom away from a brutal man’s control over her. Her salvation has always been her daughters. Alison is strong willed but will do anything to protect her daughters. She has quite a bit of courage and is very tenacious and stubborn and she takes to David’s brothers instantly. Alison is a very compelling heroine you want to cheer for. From the beginning we see the various facets of her character and I loved the depth of emotion we feel from her.

Plot and Story Line

I had such a blast with this book and I have no idea why it took me so long to pick it up especially since its been $.99 for quite a while now!! I LOVE this author, but since she went self published I haven’t picked up anything from her!! Well, dang I have totally been missing out on her and yeah I have the feel of banging my head against the wall in shame!! hehe Now for those of you who have never read this author===change that RIGHT now because she is simply fantastic to read especially if you love a fun highlander romance!! And she writes the medieval time period so well. I just fell into step with this story and just couldn’t put it down. So refreshing after my previous read “winter fire” where I honestly was relieved I was at home when I picked it up and had plenty of free time to enjoy what I was reading at my hearts content. The story sets off with an attack on Alison’s home. But it doesn’t last long, our beginning scene is where Alison is protecting her daughters against David and faints. Now she isn’t a simpering miss, just gone without food for a few days so her daughters could eat. David on the other hand, handles the situation so well. I adored him from the beginning, because we see how gentle and kind he can be. He doesn’t plow his way through and go alpha he man. He slowly wins Alison over and I love seeing the ways he goes about it. Now Alison isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes along the way that hurt David but at the same time I could understand why and what I did admire about her character was how she admits when she has made a mistake and owns up to it. She takes responsibility for her actions. The romance that develops between these two is heart melting….I just wanted to “sigh” in so many moments between these two. I never wanted their story to end. So if you are intrigued by this genre and haven’t picked this author up–seriously grab this one up.

The Cover

A Beautiful cover–obvious its an indie cover but still stunning!! I love the upside down pose here, and great clothing choices. I do love the ‘castle” like backdrop. Seems so authentic and real. LOVE

Overall View

Captured By A Laird is a heartwarming and breathtaking romance that will make you fall head over heels in love with these highlanders that sweep you off your feet!!

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About The Author Updated

About Margaret Mallory

MARGARET MALLORY surprised her friends & family by abandoning her legal career to write tales of romance & adventure. At long last, she can satisfy her passion for justice by punishing the bad & rewarding the worthy--in the pages of her novels.

Margaret lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, goofy dog & crabby cat. With her two children off to college, Margaret spends most of her time working on her next Scottish historical romance. Visit her website for Book Group Discussion Questions, photos of Scotland, excerpts, & other info. Margaret loves to hear from readers!

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  1. Michele H

    Oh, I love Margaret Mallory! I have this on my Kindle but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. After your great review, I’ll now have to tackle it. 🙂 It sounds like a great read!

    • Lover Of Romance

      oh yay!!! I am so glad you love Mallory too…not many have read her. But you would really love this one. Such a entertaining book. Love this pair so much. I highly recommend you pick it up and such a good deal too.

  2. Rowena

    Ooh, this one sounds good. Lovely review (as always). I’m mighty interested in getting to know David more.


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